They call it the Land of the Rising Sun. But Japan’s natural elegance and seductive beauty are equal to its head-spinning technology, culinary quirkiness, and interesting subcultures.

There is an air of sophistication and innovation in Japan. Perhaps it’s the striking combination of expertly manicured gardens, shrines, natural formations alongside advanced technological and architectural innovations that affirms what visitors predicted: Japan is unlike any other country in the world.

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Shopping in Tokyo

Tokyo’s influential fashion scene brings fashionistas from around the world to explore the many shopping districts. Ginza is made up of expensive boutiques, department stores and high-end malls. Kuramae is another must-try shopping spot because not only do they sell traditional clothing, but they also have specialty items like leather goods. And it’s in Shinjuku where you’ll find one of the city’s most popular department stores, Isetan.

Natural Wonders

Mt Fuji or Fiji-san, as it is known to the Japanese, is one of the most arrestingly beautiful and iconic landforms known to man. It is located in a nature reserve called Fuji-Hakone-Izu. Lakes temples and hiking trails can also be found within the same reserve. Hot springs are another natural wonder and luckily, they are covering the entirety of the country. Visit one and you might even find monkeys trying to relax the same way! The Kerama Islands are actually 22 islands in total, but only four of them are actually inhabited. This true wilderness means there is ample space for any visitor to explore their pearly white sand beaches and their surroundings.


Japan is famous for sushi, but other traditional dishes are tempura, sukiyaki, ramen and curry rice. Have it all in Osaka, a city with the motto ‘Kuidaore’ (‘eat until you drop’). Fancy yourself a great home cook? Expand your skills with a soba noodle class along Memory Lane in Tokyo or a class in obanzai ryori - the traditional home cuisine of Kyoto - west of Tokyo in Kyoto or in  Kanazawa, try your hand at making wagashi, sweets.

Temples and Shrines

When you’re in Japan, visiting some of the temples or shrines is essential. Most of the cities have Buddhist temples and shrines and even most villages have their own shrine. Some of the most famous ones to see include Meiju Jingu Shrine (dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken in Tokyo), Sensoji Temple (Buddhist temple in Tokyo) and Kōtoku-in (Buddhist temple in Kanagawa Prefecture.)

About Japan

  • Fast Facts

    Fast Facts

    Japanese yen
    Visa Requirements


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  • Must Do's

    Must Do's

    • Tokyo Skytree
    • Kiyomizu-dera
    • Kinkaku-ji 
    • Universal Studios Japan
    • Himeji Castle
    • Mount Fuji
    • Harajuku
    • Osaka Castle



  • Family Friendly Activities

    Family Friendly Activities

    • Universal Studios Japan
    • Tokyo DisneySea
    • Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium


  • Key Festivals and Events

    Key Festivals and Events

    • Yuki Matsuri, Snow Festival, Sapporo (February)
    • Kanda Matsuri, Tokyo (May)
    • Tenjin Matsuri, Osaka (July)
    • Gion Matsuri, Kyoto (July)
    • Awa Odori, Tokushuma (August)
    • Kochi Yosakoi Matsuri, Kochi (August)
    • Tanabata Matsuri, Miyagi (August)
    • Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri, Osaka (September)
  • Off the Tourist Trail

    Off the Tourist Trail

    • Okinawa - full of beaches
    • Shimanto River, Shikoku 
    • 48 waterfalls of Akame in Mie