As seen on The Morning Show. Cruise the Hawaiian Islands with Norwegian Cruise Lines.

One Holiday, Many Destinations

Life is so full of stressors already that adding ‘plan a holiday’ to the list is unnecessary. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid this all together: a holiday cruise. Cruises are simple to plan, account for inclusive costs, and provide all amenities that you can imagine and beyond onboard. Travelling domestically or internationally is a breeze on a cruise ship; you don't even have to pack and unpack between destinations.

With endless views of the horizon and a real sense of space, every guest on board can get to their favourite activities - relaxing in a spa, swimming in a pool, indulging at the bar and so much more - without ever worrying about missing out.

Cruising Cruising

For The Children

Families can splash around together on the waterslides and in pools or play each other in a round of mini golf, or get creative. Your kids can have the chance to meet new friends at kids clubs found onboard many cruise liners.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Spas are often found on cruise ships with offers of manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and more in the name of well-deserved pampering. Lounge the pool, in a hammock or daybed, all with cocktail in hand and feel any stress melt away.

Endless Dining Options

Dining options onboard cruise ships can be endless. From classic Aussie fare to fresh and healthy Japanese to customised burgers, and everything in between, there's usually an option for every palate for every meal.


Nightlife can be as lively or relaxing as you choose. Many cruise ships have bars, nightclubs and other entertainment including movie theatres and performances including live music and comedy. Depending on your vibe, one night you might want to hit the dancefloor, or have a more chilled evening at a live jazz music performance.