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Life's a beach in the Maldives

White sand wishes and blue lagoon dreams. Welcome to the Maldives. The breathtaking vistas of atolls, coral islands, and lagoons in the middle of the Indian Ocean have become synonymous with decadent, indulgent romance. This island nation is more than the background scenery of your holiday. It is living, breathing adventure ready for your exploration.

Maldives & Sri Lanka Maldives

Island Hopping

With 1190 islands, this island nation is made for island hopping. From Malé City, take a ferry to inhabited islands like Hulhumale’ or Vilingili. Join a guided tour for meeting with the locals, swimming, trying local cuisine and shopping. This way, you can experience the Maldivians culture before disconnecting from the world for a recharge at your resort.

Water Sports

Add zest to your holiday with water sports. Learn how to surf or scuba dive, paddle across an atoll in a kayak, or for gold by kitesurfing, taking banana boat rides, water-skiing, jet skiing, speed boating, paragliding and more. Most of the resorts in the Maldives offer equipment and facilities, or visitors can head to the inhabited islands for a new scene.

Malé City

Malé City is an art and culture lover’s dream, and a day trip is all you need. Meander the narrow streets to see historic attractions, such as the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, National Museum, Republic Square, Sultan Park, a Tsunami Memorial, and the fish market. Finish your day with a meal and drinks with waterfront views.


The Maldivian culture has influences from India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Middle East, Indonesia, and Africa. The influence is evident in Maldivian crafts. Stone carvings, mat weaving, coir rope making, and calligraphy are Maldivian master crafts. But music and dance are where Maldivians shine. Luckily for visitors, many resorts offer traditional music and dance performances.

About Maldives

  • Fast Facts

    Fast Facts





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  • Must Do's

    Must Do's

    • Scuba diving and snorkelling - the marine location of the Maldives creates the perfect opportunity for underwater exploration. Novice and expert divers are welcome to take beginners courses, refresher courses, and use equipment from the resorts or inhabited islands to observe the colourful reefs. For those looking to try something new, try Nitrox Diving or Fluo Night Diving.
    • Beaches - does it go without saying? Probably. But spending time at the beaches in the Maldives is a necessary component to every holiday. At Artificial Beach, it's important to note that no bikinis can be worn as a nod to cultural and religious respect. Other noteworthy beaches are Hulhumale’ Beach, Bikini Beach, Veligandu Island Beaches, Reethi Beach, Vabbinfaru Island Beaches, Nika Island Beaches and Baros Maldives.
    • The Victory Shipwreck - between December and July, visitors to the Maldives get the opportunity to dive at this massive shipwreck. The Victory sank in 1981 in North Male Atoll. As you dive, look out for corals, schools of trevallies, turtles, grouper, batfish, pufferfish, lionfish, soldierfish, and hawkfish
    • Sultan Park - this public park in the capital city of the Maldives has replaced and replenished life to the ruins of the 16th century Royal Palace grounds. Inside, the National Museum houses a collection of royal possessions from this lost era. It is an oasis for greenery and archived history among a busy island nation city.
  • Family Friendly Activities

    Family Friendly Activities

    • Dhoni cruising - a dhoni is a traditional Maldivian boat used for fishing and transporting goods. From Male’, visitors are welcome to charter a dhoni as an exciting way to get out to sea for a snorkel or leisurely cruise. Children of all ages can get an educational glimpse at the Maldivian culture while absorbing the overwhelming beauty of the scenery.
    • Whale watching and dolphin cruising - the Maldives is home to 21 species of whale and dolphin. Taking a family-friendly cruise over the waters to spot these majestic creatures is the perfect way to combine activity with relaxation on the water. To get an even closer look, take a whale submarine that leaves from Male’ and explore the sea without any risk of getting wet.
    • Island sports - sitting still for extended periods of time is often a boring challenge for children. Luckily, island sports are a favourite pastime for locals. Join in for a game or watch from the sidelines as games of football, volleyball, badminton, and other sports go on.
    • Shopping at Chaandhanee Magu, or Singapore Bazaar – located in the North Male’ Atoll, this shopping centre is full of stunning handicrafts made by locals from local resources. This is a great way to learn more about the masterful crafts that Maldivians make, plus it serves as a perfect opportunity to shop for souvenirs.
  • Key Festivals and Events

    Key Festivals and Events

    • Haj and Bodu Eid (January)
    • National Day (March)
    • Independence Day (July)
    • Ramadan (September)
    • Kuda Eid (October)
    • World Food Day (November)
    • Fishermen's Day (December)
  • Off the Tourist Trail

    Off the Tourist Trail

    • Maldivian crafting lesson - by way of necessity, native Maldivians have long had to become masters of handicrafts of all shapes, sizes, and functions. Get a firsthand look and understanding of these traditional wares by taking a crafting lesson. Try your hand at woodworking, lacquer work, or palm weaving.
    • Dive an hour from Male’ - there are hundreds of incredible diving sites in the Maldives, and some are more populated than others. An hour-long boat ride from the capital city will bring advanced divers to striking new sites. Head to the Dhifushi Channel for a deep dive fan coral, soft coral, schools of blue stripe snapper, hump head red snapper, sweet lips, moray eel, mantis shrimp, red snapper, blue fin Trevally, and Napoleon wrasses. Nearby, Asdhoo Island is home to Napoleon wrasse, schools of hump head snapper and blue stripe snapper, turtles, red snapper and big schools of fusilier.
    • Stand-up paddle board yoga - in Maafushi, an inhabited island in South Male’ Atoll, yogis of all levels can take to a stand-up paddle board to challenge their yoga practice, meditate on the water, and experience the water in an entirely new way.
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