Beautiful Samoa preserves Fa'a Samoa, the Samoan Way, through dance, food, and warm, welcoming hospitality.

Talofa lava! The heart of Polynesia lies in Samoa. This Pacific nation, rife with pristine landscapes and awe-inspiring waters, welcomes visitors to explore and participate in the Fa'a Samoa.

South Pacific Samoa

Samoan Culture

Dance is an integral part of Fa'a Samoa. The Siva is a gentle, graceful way or storytelling, while the Fa'ataupati, or slap dance, performed by men is fast and energetic. One of the most famous dances is the Siva Afi, or fire knife dance; it is performed by men wielding a large knife with burning flames at both ends, twirling it to the rhythm of a wooden drum beat under their arms, over their bodies, and all around. While performing, men wear the traditional lava lavas and women don puletasis to mirror the mesmerising colours of the nation.

Lagoons and beaches

Lapis and teal waters surround this stunning nation. If you dive or snorkel, you'll find that beneath the surface lies incredible reefs with coral gardens, tropical fish, and turtles. On the surface, the endless surf has become one of the most desired parts of a visit to Samoa. And then there's the To Sua Ocean Trench, probably the single most photographable part of Samoa. This giant swimming hole in Upolu is surrounded by lush foliage and rock. A true peek into paradise.

Spas & relaxation

Samoan healing and spa treatments are a true treat. Thanks to the incredible healing powers of herbs and ingredients native to Samoa, Samoan healers are armed with some of the world's most sought-after spa ingredients. Relax with a traditional Samoan massage, or fofo, body wrap, or facial and return home fresh and flawless. Others will find healing in the vibrant sunshine along white sand beaches, like the one in Lalomanu.

Traditional crafts

The Samoan culture is over 3,000 years old and many of the traditional artistic expressions remain today. Woven goods such as a fine mat called the ie toga or baskets are made from palm fronds and can take years to make. Siapo, a printed cloth made from the inner bark of a paper mulberry tree, is traditionally worn as clothing at weddings or funerals. Even the Tatau, or tattoo, is a rite of passage. This art form has spiritual significance and is traditionally done using handmade tools made from teeth, shell, wood, and bone.

About Samoa

  • Fast Facts

    Fast Facts





    Samoan Tala (WST)

    Visa Requirements


    Fale on beach in Samoa
    Fale on beach in Samoa
  • Must Do's

    Must Do's

    • Participate in a Fiafia Night - this celebration of Samoan culture typically involves a buffet of traditional cuisine and a tremendous performance of many songs and dances
    • Dive in Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve (Apia) - this captivating site's biggest crown jewel is a deep blue hole filled with coral walls, home to mesmerising tropical fish
    • Walk along the Treetop Canopy Walkway (Savai'i) - walk 40 metres in the air in the tropical Falealupo Rainforest Reserve and get amongst the ancient, lush flora of Samoa
    • Jump into To Sua Trench (Apia) - simply enchanting, the waters of To Sua Ocean Trench, which translates to "big hole," are reachable by ladder for a jump and a swim
  • Family Friendly Activities

    Family Friendly Activities

    • Spend the night in a beach fale - the quintessential icon of Samoa, fales are traditional open-air beachside huts. Allow the sound of waves lull you to sleep and enjoy a true gem of the South Pacific.
    • Visit Samoa Cultural Village (Apia) - a two hour tour welcomes visitors seven days a week to see traditional arts and crafts, an 'ava ceremony, and more.
    • Swim with turtles at Satoalepai village (Savai'i) - this wetlands sanctuary welcomes visitors to paddle along with more than half a dozen green turtles.
    • Witness the mighty power of the Alofaaga blowholes (Savai'i) - in Taga, blowholes formed from lava flows that carved sea caves. Watch them propel strong waves dozens of metres up in the air.
  • Key Festivals and Events

    Key Festivals and Events

    • New Year's Day (January)
    • Apia Arts and Crafts Festival (March)
    • Fire Knife Festival (May)
    • Fautasi Outrigger Canoe (June)
    • Independence Day (June)
    • Tafesilafa'i Festival (July)
    • Teuila Festival (September)
    • Palolo Rise (October/November)
    • Christmas (December)
  • Off the Tourist Trail

    Off the Tourist Trail

    • Check out the volcanic crater near Lalomanu (Upolu) - a short walk from this popular beach leads you to an extinct volcanic crater that has become home to a host of flying foxes.
    • Swim in the Piula Cave Pool (Apia) - crystal clear waters fill this spring pool that developed from a lava tube. Swim through the underwater cave to a second cave worth exploring.
    • Hike the tracks of Mount Tulimanuiva (Manono) - the tiny Manono Island is home of the imposing Mount Telumanuiva, which reaches 110metres. Visit the 12-pointed ancient star mount flat peak of the mountain.
    • Fish in Marlin Alley (Apia) - this spot just beyond the reef is a hotspot for game fishing. Join a sports angler for a display of topnotch game fishing.

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