Share the joy of travel with a tour group

Why take a tour holiday

When it comes to tour travel, it's all about the destination. Tours bring guests to multiple destinations in one itinerary and do much more than simply skimming the surface. Through the knowledge of expert guides and itineraries with as much or as little activity as feels right, a tour provides rich, meaningful experiences that showcase the very heart of a new culture and form a bond for the group.

Touring Touring

Destination discovery

No other type of travel is as perfect for exploring multiple destinations as a tour. Travellers who are curious about a destination but won't commit to a full holiday there can sample it during a tour. In the same way, travellers who are hungry to try many cities or even countries can do so on one trip.

Guide to success

One of the standout inclusions for a tour is the tour guide. Usually, a tour's guide is a local or has the local know-how for the area, so you can trust that you're getting a safe, authentic view and exclusive access to people and places in a destination that you wouldn't be able to have on any other trip. 

Bundled value

A tour's inclusions - accommodation, transportation, meals, entry fees, and more - are bundled together to pack a punch! Costing each individual part of the holiday would be a pricier process if done separately. Plus, the cost of having all of the planning and organising done for you is priceless! 

Like-minded travellers

Calling all solo travellers or couples looking to connect with like-minded people! It's common to hear stories of lifelong travel buddies who met on a tour. Many tours cater to niche interests groups such as foodies or adventures, while others sample many interests for the group to try together.