Summer Bay

It’s not every day that you get to spend time with your kindred spirits. Passengers on the Official Home and Away Tour might have grown up in different cities or different decades, but everyone grew up with the same beloved characters in their living room. Luckily for them, this special four-hour tour is dedicated to bonding, laughing, learning as they go behind the scenes together.

Over 31 extraordinary years, Home and Away has stolen hearts all over the world. In fact, this single program is Australia’s largest media export. Today, it airs in over 100 countries. Fans have seen a hundred deaths and dozens of beautiful births; beloved - often legendary - cast members have come and gone, but Summer Bay has been a constant. Home and Away is an Australian legacy.

Palm Bay as Summer Bay

Departing from Sydney’s historic The Rocks, the tour brings passengers to the place where it’s always summer. But, like life itself, it’s important to enjoy the journey, not just the destination! Before arriving, passengers - especially those from out of town or out of the country - will enjoy the drive through Sydney’s most iconic districts and scenic bushland of Ku-ring-gai on the official bus.

Everyone who works on the tour has a personal or professional connection to Home and Away or Seven. And it shows - the passion that they exude is the same passion each passenger on the feels and that inspired them to come. Thanks to this unwavering passion and in-roads with production, drivers and guides give passengers unprecedented access to the show. With trivia, behind-the-scenes facts, props to see and hold, and full on revelations about ‘TV magic,’ there are no down moments on the tour.

Summer Bay Surf Rescue

Once the tour arrives in Palm Beach (the real Summer Bay and the last of Sydney’s Northern Beaches), the tour stops by Summer Bay establishments, such as Alf’s Bait shop and the Summer Bay Surf Club, and even adds drive-bys of other iconic spots, like the Morgans’ house.

On a filming day, passengers might be lucky enough to witness filming in progress, giving them a proverbial window to peer through so that they can really see how the show is made; it’s lights, camera, action in Summer Bay! If there is enough time between scenes, actors might be available for the ultimate photo opportunity.

Willow on set

It’s quite an experience to take what you see on TV and turn it into your own reality. Thanks to the Official Home and Away Tour, fans from all over the world get the chance to get as close as closer each day gets. For a once-in-a-lifetime excursion in Sydney, whether it’s part of a vacation or staycation, book the Official Home and Away tour.

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