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After 2017’s storms devastated Daydream Island, the aspiration of taking a holiday in the Whitsundays was in jeopardy. After 2019’s official re-opening of Daydream Island Resort, these same aspirations have become renewed and restored. Actor and Daydream Island Ambassador Lincoln Lewis is a proud Queenslander who was happy to see the island get a second chance to welcome visitors from near and far. We had the great privilege to speak with Lewis to hear why he’s proud to be an Ambassador for the island paradise and learn more about what makes this holiday resort a jewel in the crown of the Whitsunday Islands. 

Congratulations on becoming an Ambassador for Daydream Island! How does it feel to have this title?

When I was 8 or 9, I went on a family holiday to Hamilton Island and we were on a boat passing by Daydream Island. I asked “what is that?!” and my Dad said, “that’s Daydream Island!” My Mum even said, “Maybe when you’re older and you’re lucky, you’ll get to visit.” So this is a “pinch me now” moment. Not to mention that I’m Queensland born and bred, so being a part of something in my home state gives me a different level of the feels! 

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Now that you did get to grow up and visit, what can you say about Daydream Island that makes it a real ‘daydream come true’ for visitors? 

When you talk to friends overseas, the most promoted image of Australia is our outdoors and the ocean-loving, sun-worshipping vibe. That’s everything you get when you stay here! You have the sunrise on one side of the island and the sunset on the other. You can wake up with the cockatoos on your balcony and the sight of the Whitsundays. Even for visitors from Queensland, it makes us appreciate what we have in our own backyard even more.

On a trip to Daydream Island, you can see how everything is living and thriving without getting off the island. Go for a nature walk and head to Lover’s Cove to hang out until sunset when you see the sun explode in oranges and purples over the mountains. Or you can kick back at the pool with drinks from the pool bar all day. Or jump in the canoes or kayaks and circle the island. It’s a dream for chillers and thrill-seekers from all over the world. 

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What experiences on and off the island have excited you the most?

Who can pick one favourite? It’s like choosing the best from the best. I froth over jumping on the jet-skis and riding around the island! For even more adventure, you can take a helicopter ride to Whitehaven Beach. But one of the main reasons we go to the Whitsundays is to explore the Great Barrier Reef. On Daydream Island, we’re right on its doorstep, and I love exploring parts of it that are a bit more uncharted. 

But for visitors who want that reef experience but can’t venture too far, Daydream Island has the Living Reef. When you visit the island and see it, you have to talk to the marine biologist Johnny Gaskell. Few people love what they do as much as he does. He could get asked the same question 100 times in the same day and on the 100th time, he’ll answer with the same level of enthusiasm, happiness, and passion as the first time. He wants to share his knowledge so freely. It puts a massive smile on your face whenever you get to chat to him. What a legend.

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What is it about a stay on Daydream Island that makes it a holiday to remember? 

I got to do a shoot on the island before the re-opening and the staff were so busy getting everything ready. They had so much work to do, so I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way. But the entire staff was just happy to have us and chat to us, and they even remembered things we had talked about days before. And I said to them “I love how easy you guys are to talk to!” and someone said to me “Why wouldn’t it be? Look where we are!” They work so hard to give a personal touch to everyone’s experience. You can have a great holiday but it can be ruined by an impersonal experience. You don’t want to feel like you’re a number or a seat-filler on your holiday. You want to feel personally welcomed - and you get that on Daydream Island! 

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