Teigan Nash kayaking in New Zealand

In this series, 7travel shares exclusive interviews with some of Channel 7's most recognisable talent.  

Teigan Nash, Channel 7 presenter and health & travel Influencer, has found a deep well of joy by staying open to experiences she might not have otherwise had a chance to try if she didn’t travel. Part of that joy is the afterglow she feels when she can share those moments through the unbelievable photographs she’s become known for taking. We had the chance to speak with Teigan to hear firsthand about this source of unparalleled joy that she struck on a recent trip to New Zealand.

How does travel fit into a healthy lifestyle?

I like to live a healthy lifestyle, so exercising never feels like a chore. It’s something I love to do for my peace of mind. So when I travel, I like to pick holidays that balance a bit of adrenaline and a bit of zen, some activity like hiking or swimming and then some relaxing.

Speaking of adrenaline… what kind of thrills do you seek when you travel?

Actually, I don’t think I’m a thrill-seeker. I just like to have fun! Just recently, I had the chance to go to New Zealand for the launch of the GoPro Hero 7, since I’m a proud brand advocate. (And by the way, New Zealand is one of those places where you can look anywhere and it’s like you’re looking at a postcard. I am in awe of New Zealand!) Whilst we were out exploring Hokitika Gorge, our tour guide was talking about the freezing cold glacial water. We asked if anyone ever goes in, and she said sometimes. So we had a little competition to see who could keep their feet in their the longest. I basically tapped out straight away. Then things escalated and myself and 2 other friends (Emma and Pablo) decided to dive in. IT WAS SUCH A SHOCK! 

Teigan sits at Hoktika Gorge

Then onto skydiving which was something I had never actually wanted to do, since I’m actually a bit scared of heights. Turns out I didn't have much time to think about it and soon enough I was in a plane making my way up to 19,000 ft. Another post card moment as we flew down over Franz Josef Glacier at sunset. It was so picturesque... I'm not going to lie though, I was still petrified but so glad I did it! 

Teigan Nash in plane before skydiving

So while I don’t chase thrill, when my adrenaline is pumping, I’ll get into it. I’ll be quiet and timid before the experience, but when I’m travelling with friends and family and get to experience new thrills with them, it creates beautiful memories.

How does it feel to view your travels through a camera lens?

Using my camera while I’m travelling doesn’t take away from the trip. If anything, it helps capture the moment. I can’t speak enough about the GoPro Hero 7 because it has these incredible new features like TimeWarp and SuperPhoto. The camera is incredible and since all GoPros are so small and durable, travelling with one is too easy. I can chuck it in the water with me when I swim or keep it on my neck everywhere I go with a Lanyard.

Two friends in New Zealand glacier 

What makes a good travel photo?

I’ve seen so many photos of women with a beautiful dress flowing in a destination that I’ve been to personally and know how hard it is to reach, and I can’t help but think “how did you get there in a dress?!” So I think it’s important to maintain authenticity and stop from staging photos too much. Capture what’s really there and what you look and feel like in that moment.

A bunch of friends celebrate after skydiving

What makes a good travel selfie?

A good travel selfie will feature breathtaking photos and the people I’m with in that moment. It’s still authentic. I use an El Grande from GoPro to help snap those selfies because it has this amazing length that makes everyone fit in a photo.

Teigan uses El Grande to take selfie with mates

What would surprise your followers to learn about you in ‘travel mode’?

I’m an open book, so I doubt there’s anything that would surprise anyone! But my mates or family who I travel with know that I am the food girl. I always have snacks on me. So come to me if you’re hungry!