Sitting on an airplane

Who knows travel better than those who have dedicated their lives to it? In this series, 7travel talks travel & tips with industry experts. Learn the best travel tips, what mistakes not to make, and what destinations should be on your to-visit list.

Everybody who has travelled has their go-to tricks for getting through long flights. But how do our Travel Experts do it? We asked for their best advice:

Giselle Radulovic, Country Manager of Hawaii Tourism Oceania

Something I’ve discovered in the last few years is not to underestimate the value and effectiveness of noise-cancelling headphones! They have changed my flight experience. And I always take a wool wrap or pashmina on every trip - not only does it keep me warm on the flight but it doubles in use as I wear it during my trip.

Headphones on airplane seat

Donna Campbell, Managing Director, Destination Canada GSA

It sounds boring, but drink water and don’t eat heavy meals. I go for the fruits, juices, and vegetables and I come out on the other end at my destination feeling so much better.

The other tip is to arrive at the airport tired. If you don’t have a fear of flying, you’ll walk onto the plane ready to sleep. With the white noise of the engine and the gentle rocking of the plane, you'll be able to get six hours or more of sleep.

Matt Fletcher, Director, Australia and New Zealand of Brand USA

What I used to do years ago was get all my work done on flights. I used to travel for work all the time - I was on a long haul flight every 6 weeks - so it was my time to read a report I hadn’t read or write a strategy that I hadn’t had the headspace to before. But now, with WiFi it’s so tempting to get stuck into email. I’m one of the people who’s in the “no WiFi on plane” camp.

Onboard entertainment

Nicole Backo, British Airways' Regional General Manager, South West Pacific

On board, people love to watch films. We give customers access to over 1,000 hours of films, top TV shows and audio channels, so there really is something for everyone.

BA A380 airbourne

Andrew Clark, Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Regional Director for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific

I love it when that door shuts and I’m excluded from the outside world. I immediately try to zone out. I change my watch to the time of my destination so my body clock can start adjusting early…I also kick off with a Bloody Mary as well no matter what time the flight is.

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