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Australians are no stranger to long haul travel. But when it comes to long haul destinations, the United States is a standout favourite. In an exclusive interview, we spoke with Anne Madison, Chief Strategy & Communications Officer of Brand USA, to dig deep into the reasons why the USA is the first choice for so many Australian travellers year after year.

What is it about the USA that makes it a top choice long haul destination for Australian travellers?

This is an easy one: because of the diversity and tremendous value that a trip to the United States provides! We have seen that Australians are particularly attracted to the appeal of our culture, the great outdoors, food, music, amongst other things.   

Despite the distance, Australians see the USA as an easy trip that offers an unmatched diversity of experiences. For instance, you could travel from the mountains to the beach in just a three hour drive. And that diversity is what keeps Australians coming back again and again.

How many days do Australians typically spend when on holiday in the USA?

The US National Travel and Tourism Office reports that Australians typically spend 22 days in the United States, which is higher than the average 18 days for all overseas visitors. Australians tend to stay longer in the United States than other long-haul destinations they visit. And they’re not just visiting once; repeat visitation is high at 73%.

Australians are also famous for going beyond the gateways as part of their US trips. They also are a bit more adventurous than other travellers, looking for authentic experiences off the beaten track, which is a reason they typically stay longer.

What states are Australian visitors most drawn to in the USA?

New York, California, Hawaii are the top three destinations and a great place to start a trip in the United States, but we’re also seeing more Australians choosing Florida, Texas, Alaska, Colorado and Washington, D.C. more than ever before.

Where should Australian travellers visit that they might not have considered?

More and more Australians are being drawn in the central part of the United States.

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Are there any travel trends sweeping the US?

Food and music are the biggest trends right now. Music festivals combine the best of culinary and entertainment—both of which reflect the strong diversity and culture and people of the USA. When we ask Australians to describe the United States, the top three words they use to describe the USA are ‘diverse’, ‘adventurous’ and ‘friendly’.

What are your tips and tricks for long haul travel?

  • Immediately start on the time zone of the destination you’re visiting
  • Immerse yourself in the culture
  • Make sure you experience a healthy dose of iconic attractions as well as the unexpected
  • Meet as many people as you can as those interactions are the ones that stay with you forever