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If you think Fiji is all sunshine, palm trees, cocktails, and white sandy beaches…well, you are right. But Fiji has more to offer than a gorgeous scenes to view. Here’s a list of the top 10 activities for thrill-seekers and adventure-lovers in Fiji.

1. Shark dive 

Dive into warm, clear waters and experience the awe-inspiring sight of up to eight different species of sharks in a single dive. While swimming alongside the ocean’s apex predator, be sure to explore the colourful soft corals and the abundant marine life. Divers can experience rainbow hued coral gardens, towering pinnacles and plunging drop-offs and swim amongst around 1200 species of fish. 

Men scuba diving with sharks

2. Whitewater rafting & kayaking adventures

Revel in the power of the water as you are taken on a wild ride through aquamarine ocean, tropical forests and remote highland villages. Depending on which tour you embark on, you can expect waterfalls, mangrove swamps and other breathtaking scenes. 

3. Surfing

When it comes to surf breaks, Fiji has no shortage of choice. You can pick from waves off Kadavu, Vanua Levu and Lau Group. Or go after the most consistent breaks found on the reef passes of the Mamanuca Islands and off Viti Levu, including the world famous Cloudbreak. Surfers can mix it up on a variety of left and right-handers so do your research and find a break that’s best for you.

4. Flyboarding

An adrenaline rush like no other, flyboarding will propel you to new and exciting heights. With bindings similar to a wakeboard, the rider is propelled from water jets below the device and thrust into the air. The rider is able to control their direction with a few simple movements, and you can even go underwater!

5. Jet skiing

Whirl away to tropical islands and visit wondrous spots like the famous Cloudbreak wave or Monuriki Island, where the movie ‘Castaway’ was filmed. Whether you ride for 30 minutes or three hours, it’s guaranteed to be the ride of a lifetime as you jet over the crystal clear reef.

Man jet skiing

6. Game fishing & spear fishing

Explore the deep and fertile waters off the coast of Fiji where you'll find fish larger than you can imagine. The game fishing charters specialise in light to medium tackle between 8kg to 24kg, but that doesn’t mean you won’t tackle even bigger. Expect huge schools of wahoo, tuna and sailfish swimming over the numerous seamounts and ocean structures.

7. Jet boating

If you have the need for speed and you’re not afraid to get a little wet, look no further than jet boating. Fiji is the perfect spot to enjoy a thrilling and wild ride while while immersing yourself in beautiful scenery and rich culture.

8. Off-road driving & quad biking

Discover Fiji’s 'dirty' side with an electrifying ride on a two seater quad bike into the mountains for spectacular views and loads of fun. Splash through mud puddles, cross rivers and experience the side of Fiji away from the beach.

Couple quad biking in Fiji

9. Ziplining

Instead of experiencing Fiji from the beach, why don’t you take a ride through the trees and zip through the spectacular wilderness of caves, canyons and mountain tops. “Fly” through the air  over the breathtaking Nadi. From atop the mountain you will see the Mamanuca Islands, Plantation Island, Tavarua and the entrance to Momi bay.

10. Skydiving

Fiji is breathtaking from any angle, but it's really something else from 14,000 feet. Enjoy the captivating views of pristine waters, white beaches and the beautiful coral reefs of the Mamanuca Islands and Denarau as you free fall through the sky.