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Renowned for its jagged mountains, rolling pastureland, raging rivers, scenic beaches and active volcanic zones, New Zealand is known as the adrenaline capital of the world. Quench your thirst for extreme adventure with these daredevil activities.

Black water rafting

While you’ve probably heard of white water rafting, black water rafting is an entirely different experience. Instead of rafting down a river, you’ll abseil, weave, climb, jump, and float through an underground galaxy of glow-worms.

Black water rafting underground

Credit: Shaun Jeffers


Instead of hiking to a mountaintop, arrive to the highest heights via helicopter. The descent will be the most exhilarating of your life, guaranteed. 

Canyon Swinging

Canyon swinging is a great alternative to bungee jumping. Launch yourself from a 100m high platform into a 200m swing with a 60m vertical free fall down a steep rocky cliff face. No whiplash, all adrenaline with a view.

Couple canyon swinging

Credit: Shotover Canyon Swing

Heli-Glacier Hiking

Combining a helicopter flight over a glacier and a guided walk on the ice, heli-glacier hiking is an experience like no other. The mesmerising scenery and the extreme heights make this the hike of a lifetime.

Volcano Boarding

Racing down an active volcano at 80km is considered by many thrillseekers as the most extreme sport ever. Take the scenic tour of the smouldering craters and absorb the views of the countryside before you conquer the ashfields.

Sand Boarding

The activity is self-explanatory: ride down a 100m sand dune while lying head-first on a boogie board. Since there is uphill walking involved to get to the top of the dune, it is advised to take on this activity if you're most comfortable with your fitness level.


A zorb is a large, inflatable plastic ball, with another ball inside. Jump in for a downhill ride that can reach speeds of up to 50km per hour.

Man in zorb ball on grass

Credit: Zorb Rotorua


A flyboard is a water jet connected to a jet-ski that enables you to ‘fly’ 10 metres above the sea. It’s been a noted hit with thrill-seeking celebs such as Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio and Vin Diesel.

White Water Sledging

Take on white rapids at eye level in your own flotation sled as you are propelled through the water with flippers on your feet. You’ll travel down the raging river with beautiful scenery as you negotiate your way through some awesome rapids, massive waterfalls and play holes.