Australia fitness boutique studio experience

The joy of going on holiday is often bolstered by meals that turn to feasts, liberal drinking and a passivity that’s socially acceptable. This is how it should be! But for travellers who want to stay on top of their fitness, or for those who might want to reach their fitness peak before embarking on a trip, consider visiting these leaders of boutique fitness trends at these studios all around Australia.


Barre classes combine the best - and toughest - parts of ballet barre work, pilates and yoga. Through small, controlled movements, you can sculpt your physique for the ultimate tone. Barre Body has multiple locations Melbourne and Sydney, as well as studios in Brisbane and Byron Bay. Each location offers a range of class types with different focuses and paces. But no matter the class, you will find your centre and zen with the airy, open studio spaces and delicate decor. In Adelaide, Aleenta Barre has reached near cult-status with its multiple studio locations; they also have locations in Brisbane and Melbourne.


This is its own category. Australia’s own fastest-growing franchise has opened more than 450 studios, making it nearly ubiquitous all over the country. F45 is almost like crossfit without the oversized weights. The workout is a circuit and either focus on strength training or cardio. And you’ll never plateau, since they never have the same routine twice. The instructors promote team support, camaraderie and welcome new people with open (sweaty) arms. They can happily personalise each movement to accommodate anyone’s ailments and fitness level comfort. If you try the workout in one location, you will easily fit in at any other location whilst on a visit to any other part of Australia.


As if the traditional pilates reformer needed to get more challenging! A megaformer is a piece of equipment that looks like the reformer on steroids and as such, it promotes a high intensity workout full of slow compound movements. Physicore hosts 50-minute sessions with the megaformer that are known to burn 600 calories. Their success in Sydney’s Paddington has led them to open other studios in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and North Shore. Following the same methodology with 45 minute classes, K-Kore recently opened in Port Melbourne; in Perth, there’s LA Fit and in Brisbane, there’s Studio 45.


Traditionally, there are two types of pilates: mat and reformer. Mat work is essentially the same as using a reformer, only without the large piece of equipment. No matter what style, pilates focuses on using your own body strength and breath to fuel compound movements. KX has really taken off all over Australia with 43 locations, including ones in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide and Perth. Classes range from beginner, intermediate, and advanced, allowing novices and pilates veterans to enjoy the same level of instruction with varying levels of intensity. They even offer pre- and post-natal classes at a number of locations, making their classes enticing for Aussie mums!


For those who want to move but get embarrassed by group classes, Australia has embraced No Lights No Lycras movement, no pun intended. NLNL was launched in Melbourne with the idea that with no steps to learn, no routine, and no pressure, everyone can experience the exhilaration of free movement. This is cardio for the sake of feeling good. Children and adults alike are invited to participate at these events; there is a schedule, NLNL events do not take place daily, like classes at regular studios do. But NLNL is available in 30 locations all around Australia. It might be the happiest, healthiest way to move around Australia!