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Nusa Penida

The closest island off Bali’s east coast, Nusa Penida packs a lot of punch in 200 square metres. Visitors from Bali can get here on ferry or speedboat departing Sanur. If your visit to Nusa Penida is brief, make sure you visit the iconic coastline of Kelingking - a rocky bluff emerging from sparkling waters that has earned a reputation for looking like a t-rex.

Visitors who have more time to explore Nusa Penida will have the chance to see a rather untouched side of Indonesia. Whether lounging on the bright white sands of Crystal Bay Beach, swimming in the natural pools of Tembeling Forest, or hiking all the way up to the Pulau Seribu (Thousand Island) Viewpoint calls to you most, you'll feel spoilt for choice with awe-inspiring natural wonders.

Nusa Penida


An hour flight or 90 minute ferry from Bali will bring you right to Lombok, an island that has seen tremendous growth in visitors over the last few years. And it’s no wonder why - this island is replete with things to do, see, explore! On Lombok, it’s practically customary to chase waterfalls. We recommend joining a tour or having a tour guide help navigate the way to the waterfalls, since most of them require a journey through scenic jungle.

On the North side of the island, Mount Rinjani stands majestically in practically every viewpoint. Hike to the summit or around Crater Lake with the reward of some of the islands most beautifully vantage points. Or if you’re feeling more social, head to the capital of Lombok, Mataram. This is where you’ll get a taste for authentic Indonesian culture, with dining and shopping options aplenty and Hindu temples to admire.

Mount Rinjani

Gili Islands

Actually, the Gili Islands are part of Lombok. Just off the northwest coast of Lombok, each of these three islands has a life of its own.

Of the three, Gili Trawangan has the best nightlife. Parties pop up all around after dark at bars and nightclubs. During the day, the party rages on, but visitors can find a bit of balance with water activities, yoga, or social activities with other holidaymakers in the area.

Gili Meno has earned the title of most romantic of the three islands. Honeymooners will find ideal stretches of beach for romantic sunset strolls. But solo travellers, families, or friends will have plenty to do here, too. Animal lovers must make a visit to the Gili Meno Turtle Sanctuary or dive in the surrounding waters for a swim with other marine life.

Finally, Gili Air is where visitors come to relax. Life on land sustains a gentle tempo, allowing visitors to have a pleasant drink at a bar without feeling pressure to stay up all night, or get a taste of the local cuisine. Underwater, fish teem, coral reefs stay vibrant, and visitors dive, snorkel, and swim.

Gili Air

Komodo Island

Adventurers, this one’s for you. Labuan Bajo, or Komodo Island, is famous for the Komodo Dragon - the world’s largest lizard and, unfortunately, an endangered species. But truthfully, this prehistoric creature is only one of the many staples in Komodo Island’s wildlife repertoire. Timor deer, water buffalo, and wild boar also roam around the wilds. Of course, visitors can visit Komodo Island National Park to see the best array of wildlife. But don’t forget to take to the waters for more. Get the swim of a lifetime at one of the many ‘Manta Points,’ where visitors can swim with massive manta rays.

If you want to visit Komodo Island, book in your trip before January 2020! As a result of a disheartening Komodo Dragon smuggling bust, the island will be closed to visitors for one year. 

Komodo Island

Any one or many of these trips will make a visit to Bali one for the books. Start here with our Bali deals on offer today.