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Rome is a one-of-a-kind city. There’s more to this historical city than pizza, pasta, whizzing Vespas and the Colosseum. From people-watching in the piazza to admiring street art in Ostiense, here’s how to do Rome like a local.

Stop in a piazza

Sip an espresso or grab a bite and gaze at the passersby in any of the many local piazzas. These centres are where 'real life' take place, just off the beaten paths of busy Roman roads.

The streets of Rome

Smell the roses at Roseto Comunale

Right beside the Circo Massimo at the foot of Palatino Hill, you’ll find one of the most romantic spots in the city. Literally stop and smell the roses before embarking on the rest of your Roman holiday.

Admire street art in Via Ostiense

When your favourite museum is the street, Via Ostiense is the place to go. Walk through the abandoned district to admire works by Blue, Borondo and “Wall of Fame” by JB Rock (a 60-metre red wall full of all his idols).

Dine in the sky

If you’re not afraid of heights, let your love of food skyrocket with Dinner in the Sky. Rome is one of 35 cities in which you can be hoisted into the heavens via a crane for your meal.