Cathedral Gorge

Cathedral Gorge, The Bungle Bungle Range, Purnululu National Park.

Australia is full of wonders but there’s nowhere like the Kimberley. It’s a region of extremes: some of the world’s oldest, untouched landscapes; wildlife that doesn’t call anywhere else home; red cliffs that seem to touch the sky; and a sense of spirituality that can’t be articulated. While it’s one of the world’s last true wilderness areas, the Kimberley is as welcoming any of Australia’s biggest cities.

Ord River near Kununurra.

Ord River near Kununurra

Beyond your wildest imaginations

In a country that claims 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is difficult for anywhere in Australia to earn its superlatives. But there’s no contesting the simple fact that the Kimberley is home to some of the world’s most unique attractions.

You’ve probably never seen a horizontal waterfall, let alone two. But the Kimberley’s two Horizontal Falls can be seen when water is pushed through narrow cliff passages in Talbot Bay. They are a natural phenomenon, a powerful showcase of the sheer force of nature and the only Horizontal Falls in Australia.

Horizontal Falls Talbot Bay

Horizontal Falls, Talbot Bay

We couldn’t talk about nature’s force without mentioning its incomparable staying power. The Kimberley’s Bungle Bungle Range dates back 350 million while Zebra Rock in Mirima National Park dates back an astounding 600 million years.. Then there is a spirituality to the region that stems from Aboriginal sites dating back 40,000 years that continues to sweep over visitors to this day. It has been said time and time again that visitors who come to the region  become awestruck by the beauty and spirituality that they couldn’t have understood if they had heard or read about it.

The Bungle Bungle Range Purnululu National Park

The Bungle Bungle Range, Purnululu National Park

In all of the time that nature took to shape the immense mountains, carve deep rivers, and form everything in between, there was plenty of time to perfect the area’s most famous luxury offering: pearls. The largest and most coveted commercially-harvested cultured pearls in the world are the South Sea pearls found in Broome. In fact, they are the reason that Broome is the pearling capital of Australia.

Broome pearl and shell Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Broome pearl and shell, Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Untouched but not out of reach

Although the Kimberley is remote by geography, it is completely accessible to visitors. In fact, a new direct flight has launched from Melbourne to Kununurra! Visitors from the other East Coast cities will find that it’s easy to get to Kununurra from Perth. And those visitors who want to start their holiday with an adventure can embark on a road trip heading north from Perth.  The region offers visitors a way to escape the constant buzz of Australia’s city life with innumerable ways to connect with nature - and even reconnect with themselves.

Emma Gorge El Questro

Emma Gorge, El Questro

Exploring the region can be as leisurely or adventurous as any visitor wants. WA has earned a reputation for being the road trip state, since driving from sight to sight is one of the most magnificent ways to see the array of natural wonders. But taking to the sky in a helicopter ride can be an unforgettable way to see the size and power of the landscape. And of course, sailing through the mighty rivers puts you right in the heart of nature’s best.

Another option is taking a tour, which can be a very efficient way to travel. These tours have your entire itinerary planned from top to tail. No matter how you choose to visit the Kimberley region, it’s a guarantee that your encounter with a pristine wilderness will be an unforgettable experience.

Pentecost River Crossing The Gibb River Road

Pentecost River Crossing, The Gibb River Road