Maldives snorkelling2

Nothing could take away the romance of the Maldives. But truth be told, there is much more to experience in this wondrous destination than just picture-perfect romance. A hub for underwater exploration and a melting pot of cultural influence, the Maldives is much more than a honeymoon destination. Dig deeper into the best food, nature, and culture that this nation of islands has to offer.  

Eat like a local

Maldivian food is as refreshing as an island view. Bold, bright flavours of traditional dishes reflect the influences of India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Africa that make Maldivian culture a true tapestry. And, of course, fish is the star of many dishes. Take the mas riha curry, made from fresh tuna, coconut, capsicum, and chilies, or the typical breakfast dish mas huni, a tuna salad made with coconut and chili and is served with chapati - their unleavened flatbread. The flavours are reminiscent of the cuisines of neighbouring countries but clearly takes on a fresh, Maldivian point of view.

Visitors who aren’t the biggest seafood fans will find sweet satisfaction from meat and vegetable curries, hearty breadfruit or taro boiled or fried, and coconut served in every and any form.

Swim with whale sharks

These gentle giants fill the waters of the South Ari Atoll year round with the best sightings from August to November. In winter, the Baa Atoll’s Hanifaru Bay is overtaken by whale sharks and manta rays.

The best months for diving and snorkelling in the Maldives is in their dry season from December to May. During this time, the waters are calm and visibility is good. During most snorkelling or swimming tours, guests will see other incredible marine life accompanying these majestic creatures, such as sea turtles and dolphins.


Loved up and looking to party down? Need to celebrate the single life in paradise? No matter what kind of relationship status you bring the Maldives, you are welcome to take part in the beach party culture cultivated by the warm nights, awe-inspiring sunsets, and relaxed vibe that permeate each island.

Finolhu in Baa Atoll is the undisputed party hotspot. From dusk ‘til dawn, this hub offers bars, restaurants, scenester-beloved areas to chill out, and nightcrawler-preferred dance floors.