Blue hole in Vanuatu

The fact that Vanuatu is home to the world’s only official underwater post office should be a strong indication of how integral water activities are to this incredible archipelago.

The siren song of the South Pacific waters is irresistible to visitors, captivating and inviting us to dive, swim, snorkel, explore.

Explore the blue holes of Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo has the most blue holes of any islands in Vanuatu and the most on one island in the world. Visit by car or kayak - although it is recommended that those who venture to kayak should be experienced - for hypnosis by crystal blue waters.

Snorkel Safari among island coral reefs

Jump on board a custom glass bottom boat in Port Vila Harbour and sail out to sea for top-rate snorkelling. If you prefer to stay dry, you are free to explore the worth under the water through the glass bottom. Otherwise, dive in, feed the fish, and swim among the marine life.

Kayak at your leisure in Mele Bay

The tropical waters of Mele Bay are home to dolphins, turtles, and more mesmerising wildlife. Take your time rowing about or jump into the waters for a literal splash of refreshment.

Dive to the sunken SS President Coolidge in Espiritu Santo

This sunken wonder is the most accessible shipwreck in the world. Its sheer size is an underwater sight to behold. But the marine life that has emerged among the wreck is truly stunning. SCUBA to explore up close and personal.

Chase waterfalls at the Mele Cascades

One of Vanuatu’s leading attractions - for good reason - the Mele Cascades are a natural wonder. Take in views of the falls from many vantage points and enjoy the trek through bush landscape along the way from Port Vila.