Palm Cove beachfront chairs sunset 2

The cool whisper of the seabreeze, the earthy scent of paperbark trees, and the gentle grit of sand beneath your toes. Welcome to Palm Cove! This romantic, quiet, relaxing seaside village is the ideal destination for a couple's getaway. 5 days in Tropical North Queensland’s perfect pocket Palm Cove is the perfect length of stay. Here’s why:

Day 1: Welcome to paradise

Touch down in paradise and allow the warm, tropical air hug you. In an instant, you’ll be reminded why you booked this trip together. After an easy check-in, jump straight into the pool. This will jumpstart your holiday mood so that you can fully unwind, laugh, and focus on each other’s company. Indulgent cocktails and a leisurely barefoot walk down the Esplanade will seal the deal. You’re officially on holiday now.

Palm trees in Esplanade

Day 2: Take to the beach

Wake up with a serene sunrise kayak. Paddle onwards to Double Island - if you stay on the seaward-side of the island, you will find a beach. This is truly a perfect secluded resting spot. When you retreat to the heart of Palm Cove’s beach, continue resting with the view of the water as far as the eye can see. Or put a jolt of energy into your day with a tandem jet ski ride. This day of beach activities can be restorative, putting the energy and power of the sun & sand into your relationship.

Double Island at sunrise

Day 3: Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Palm Cove’s location in Tropical North Queensland makes it a gateway to some of the country’s - and the world’s - most beautiful natural wonders. Together, you’ll get the experience of a lifetime with a ride out to the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Agincourt Reef is comprised is a number of ribbon reefs, a colourful home to butterfly fish, parrot fish, angelfish, coral gardens, anemone, and so much more. Dive, snorkel, swim, or stay dry for the view from a semi-submersible.

Back on dry land, watch the sun set on your memorable day with a cocktail in hand. Cheers to you two for adventuring today!

People scuba diving in Agincourt Reef

Day 4: Pamper party for two

After a day of travel and two days of activities, it’s time to get pampered. Treat your bodies, minds, and souls to repose and rejuvenation. The luxurious accommodations in Palm Cove typically house spas, each of which are little retreats offering a variety of massages, scrubs, facials, and spa rituals. Let the hours float by as you spend the day at the spa. When the sun gets ready to set, join each other for a beachfront dinner and allow the day to end on another tranquil note.

Relaxation herbs in hotel room beds

Reef House Spa

Day 5: You'll be back

Plan a late checkout to revel in a sleep-in. Enjoy breakfast in the sun, hand in hand, eyes on the horizon. You don’t have to say it out loud, but we’ll know your tacit secret: you two will return to Palm Cove for another romantic getaway.

Palm Cove beach view

All photos from Tourism and Events Queensland.