Holding hands at sunset

Fiji’s endless sunshine and pearly beaches create the perfect backdrop for an escape for two.

A destination wedding has the appeal of total fantasy. And it lends itself to the ultimate honeymoon. Fiji meets these desires on all accounts, but its staggeringly beautiful locales should not be reserved for brand new love. Fiji is where couples - partners, long-term friends or any other combination - can reignite their passion for life.

River in Fiji

Image Credit: Aaron March

Probably the most tried-and-true way of hitting the reset button is through spa treatments. 5-star resorts are aplenty in Fiji. Extraordinary massages, facials and nail treatments instantaneously put you back in touch with your body, releasing all types of stress. And maintaining this effect is easy in Fiji’s hot springs and mud baths. They are nature’s spa that invite a sense of deep connection to the earth and each other.

Dining by the light of the moon - complemented by ambient candles - is another go-to experience for couples. With the lights dim and seats that graze the ocean, a fresh, healthy, delicious meal made from Fiji’s best local ingredients is tantalising for all the senses. Sharing that with someone you have loved can help you see each other in the best light, literally and figuratively, once again.

Couple dining at sunset

Image Credit: Mark Snyder

But reviving a lust for life often requires a burst of energy or an experience that jolts the senses to make you remember what it’s like to experience something new for the first time. Couples can take advantage of Fiji’s natural spectacles: scuba or snorkel among vibrant reefs, kayak atop glistening waters, swim in secluded lagoons or go off-roading through caves.

Getting your groove back together won’t take long when you’re on island time. Just be mindful to carry your uplifted spirits and connection to each other back home.

Couple paddle boarding over a reef

Image Credit: Mark Snyder