Family on holiday in the sun

Spending quality time with your kids can be one of the most rewarding parts of taking a family holiday. But as important as it is, we should aim to spend that kind of quality time with our partners, too.

Yes, it is possible to have date night while you’re away on a family holiday. Our favourite method: the babysitter.

These days, we expect hotels or resorts to have all kinds of amenities and services, such as concierges, WiFi and many others that make our lives infinitely easier and more luxurious. But one of the lesser-known services that many hotels and resorts provide is babysitting. The babysitters are usually trusted staff or are highly recommended by the staff. All it takes is asking the front desk for a babysitting service for a designated night and date night gets the green light.

Couple embracing at sunset

We recommend getting a babysitter to come after the kids eat and get ready for bed. Most of the babysitter's job will be minding them as they sleep in the room - all the while, you'll be able to go out to enjoy a romantic dinner or night on the town. Another option is to have the babysitter help them eat and get ready for bed. This way, the children have time to get to know the babysitter and build their comfort. A third option is great if you want to have a night out as a family but just want a little more peace: invite your babysitter to join for the meal and tend to the children as you relax and focus on your partner.

Of course, not all dates have to happen once the sun goes away for the day. If you want to have a day-date, babysitting services are still available. Have your babysitter join the children for the day as they play and you get to focus on each other more closely.

This service can be complimentary at your hotel or resort. But if it is not, it can be worth its weight in gold for night to remember.