Couple holding hands

If you really want to impress your special someone Vanuatu is the place to go. It’s the perfect spot to combine romance, relaxation and adventure.

Apart from it being an absolute tropical paradise, there are some upscale activities that you can surprise your partner with.

Helicopter ride to a secluded island

Take the romance to new heights with a helicopter ride to a secluded island and enjoy a picnic, swimming and relaxing.

The ride isn’t that far from Port Vila, but the views of the picture-perfect turquoise water of Vanuatu are really mind blowing.

Swimmers are a must, as the water of the island is too beautiful to resist.

There are various companies that organise the helicopter rides.

Horse riding

Another way to impress your loved one is to go on a horse riding tour. There are a few nice ranches across the area. 

The relaxing and scenic journey will take you through the countryside, rainforest, beaches and lagoons of Vanuatu.

There are a few companies that specialise in this, so the routes and time of journey can vary.

Blue Cave, Tanna Island

Treat your partner to one of the most surreal sights and experiences of a lifetime at Vanuatu’s famous Blue Cave.

The magical natural formation is just a short flight from the capital, Port Vila followed by a boat trip with local fisherman who will take you to Tanna Island.

The Blue Cave is incredibly beautiful with the hues of blue shining through. Your guide will lead you into the cave full of azure waters, which is full of tropical fish and coral, dolphins and turtles.

Beach Bar Friday Fire Show

Let your hair down and enjoy a cocktail and a Fire Show at the Beach Bar on Vanuatu’s main island, Mele.

Every Friday night, a stunning array of fire is expressed through dancing, stick and displays on the beach.

The best part? It’s free, but make sure you book in advance so you secure a table – the last thing you want to happen is to arrive with your date and be turned down.