Amanda Sadler of Maitland, NSW married Trent

It sounds like an urban legend: woman travels on tropical island holiday, finds the love of her life, and the couple live happily ever after. But for Amanda Sadler of Maitland, NSW, this is real life. On her very first trip to Bali - and her very first overseas trip without her parents - Sadler met a fellow holidaymaker. We asked Sadler about how they knew this was more than a simple holiday fling and what role Bali plays in their love story.

7travel: Could you summarise the history of your relationship?

Sadler: We met in Bali in 2009, got engaged and moved in together in 2010 (he lived in Wollongong and I was in Maitland). Since then, we have built a house and a life together supporting each other along the way.

7travel: Before you met you met Brent, were you looking for love?

Sadler: No! I was quite determined not to fall for anyone in Bali. In fact, I kept telling myself not to fall for Brent, but my heart had another opinion. I was only 20 at the time, had just finished uni and was ready to kick back and enjoy life.

7travel: How did the romance begin?

Sadler: This is going to sound corny... I saw him in the airport checking his bags in; I thought he was cute then. He noticed me in the airport lounge area. We then saw each other again checking into the hotel we were staying at. He was travelling with a bunch of boys, and I was travelling with a mate. It was the second night that we met out at a club. We got a photo together, danced and just hit it off. We didn’t see each other the next day, but the day after that, he came to find me. We spent every day for the rest of our holiday together.

The night couple first met photo

7travel: Was there anything that made Bali especially romantic for you two?

Sadler: I had never been to Bali before. I didn’t really know it to be a romantic destination. I love the fact that it is so relaxing, and I think that’s what made me open to meet Brent. I think that is what makes it so romantic. We are going back this year to visit, and this time our purpose has changed. We are going to a little romantic holiday, and then carrying onto a family holiday.

7travel: How did you know that this was more than a “holiday fling?”

Sadler: One night we stayed in and just talked for hours. It was then we both knew this was something different. We also called our parent to let them know we had met. We just knew.

7travel: What steps did it take to go from meeting on holiday to getting engaged?

Sadler: I don’t know if there were so many steps as it just happened. Brent said that he knew he wanted to marry me, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We lived 3.5 hours apart. So we knew that going to be a challenge. At first, we travelled every couple weeks, then every couple of days. After 3 months we were engaged. After 6 we moved in together, however, it was not until 5 years later we got married - weddings are expensive!

Married couple kissing

7travel: Now that you’re married, how often do you get to travel as a couple?

Sadler: We have started travelling a lot more together, every 6 months or so. Even though a lot of plans were on hold while we settle down, built a house focused on careers and moved to the country.

7travel: Have you been back to the island that brought you together?

Sadler: Not yet. When we go back to visit in July, we’re going to spend some romantic time the Bubble Hotel. Also, we plan on visiting the nightclub where it all happened.