Hot air balloon Gold Coast

There is no pun intended here. On the Gold Coast, romantic adventure awaits high in the sky. 

In the morning, rise with the sun in a hot air balloon. Gold Coast Ballooning will have you toasting to romance over a hot air balloon ride plus champagne breakfast. You’ll feel far from home in a world of your own as you soak in the 360° views of the Gold Coast’s most majestic landscapes - and of course in the close company of your partner!


Credit: @dylan_rigby

As the sun sets, ascend into the air - a full 270 metres in the sky - on Australia’s highest building climb, the Skypoint Climb outside the Q1 Resort Building. This open-air adventure will keep you and your partner tight together for 90 minutes as you reach the summit and return with jaw-dropping views of the beachy coastline and thrills from the experience you’ve shared together. 


But if you want to simply gaze into the night sky for some romance closer to the ground, book an unforgettable Champagne Sunset Cruise with Crystal Blue Yacht Charters. With a maximum capacity of 25 guests, you’ll feel like a true VIP as you sip champagne, wine, or beer, nibble from gourmet cheese platters, and watch a truly magical sunset with your loving partner. 

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Hero image by Juno Kim/Tourism and Events Queensland.