Romance in the Maldives at sunset

Romance is something that we all crave. It’s natural to fiend for that happy, healthy means to one of life’s most exhilarating rushes. And yet, all too often we sacrifice the exciting spikes of romance to maintain the even flow of complacency. Where’s the fun in that?

Going on holiday in the Maldives reminds us that romance isn’t a burden, an aspiration, an impossible feat. Quite the opposite, actually. The Maldives makes romance easy by virtue of its location and the ultraluxe amenities offered at resorts.

Secluded together

The first step in a romantic getaway is the act of removing yourselves from everyone else who typically fills your days. It sounds like a simple change, but it is significant enough to start a chain reaction. The luxurious resorts in the Maldives understand just how significant this detail is. Each room, bungalow, or island cottage feels private. It’s easy to feel like you’re alone with a partner miles away from anyone else as you gaze across the wide, glistening vistas or dip in a private plunge pool. As these offerings sets the stage for your holiday, adjusting your focus solely to yourself and your partner will feel like the natural next step.

 Maldives romance at sunset

Pamper party for two

When it comes to pampering, the Maldives is mecca. Few destinations in the world can compete at the Maldives’ level of competence when it comes to progressive, romantic, transformative pampering. Top-notch spa facilities are part of most the resorts here, many of which have offerings available in the privacy of your own room, and each specialises in couples treatments. The combinations of aromatic essential oils, hypnotic massage and reiki therapies, and glamorous upkeep treatments will prime a couple for days and nights filled with romance.

Shine Spa for Sheraton Treatment Room

Something new, something blue

The waters of the Indian Ocean and lagoons that surround this island nation beg to be explored. Navigating the colourful reefs as you swim among stunning sea life is wonderful to do solo - but sharing this experience has the power of strengthening romantic bonds. To help each other find hidden views, to trust each other to have one another’s back, to create new memories together puts romance to action. In the Maldives, the opportunities to dive in the blue, swim in the blue, float atop the blue, or look out at the blue together are endless.

Maldives view from seaplane

Sunshine seals the deal

Taking the pressure out of planning a romantic holiday is the ultimate key to enjoying it together. The Maldives is famous for having year-round sunshine. Without worrying about when to go or what weather you’ll have when you depart allows you to sink into full relaxation.

 Paddleboards on sand at beach

Of course, romance is not just important for couples looking for a jumpstart. Dedicating yourselves to romance during the engagement, honeymoon, and babymoon stages will ensure a life of giving the gift of romance to each other ever after. Why not set the standard in the Maldives?