Heart shaped Tavarua island in Fiji

No judge or jury needed here: the case of Is Fiji A Romantic Destination? has long been declared guilty as charged. Fiji's foundation of romance is built on relaxation, indulgence, privacy, intimacy and unwavering natural beauty. These key ingredients are found in abundance all over Fiji 330 islands, but on these five islands in particular, romance flourishes.  


This small Fijian island is romance in physical form: Tavarua is shaped like a heart. Cliche? Maybe. Romantic? Undoubtedly! Couples are encouraged to take a heli-flight over the island and azure waters to make their own hearts beat fast from the perfect marriage of the thrill of the ride and the novelty of nature’s wonder.  


One of the Mamanuca islands, Tokoriki’s accommodation offerings lend themselves to romance. Whether you stay at an adults-only resort or a resort with adults-only features, couples rediscover themselves as a partnership in utter relaxation on this breathtaking island.

Turtle Island

This private island in the Yasawa Group claims 10 private beaches, including the aptly named Honeymoon Beach. The all-inclusive accommodation on the only allows 14 couples to stay at a time, amplifying the island’s private atmosphere.

Viti Levu

As the largest island in Fiji and home to Nadi, Sigatoka, and Suva, Viti Levu has the largest offering of activities for couples to experience. A traditional kava ceremony is absolute can’t-miss for couples, as kava can act like a bit of an aphrodisiac. Enjoy the indulgent mouth-numbing, time-slowing effects of this traditional drink.

Vomo Island

Watching the sun rise or set is perhaps the most obvious romantic experience - and we can’t argue with that! But watching the brilliant colours burst above the serene waters of the Pacific Ocean to reveal the island’s daytime or nighttime personality is magic. In Fiji, a timely hike to the peak of Mt Vomo will reveal the best sunrise or sunset in all of Fiji.

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