Samoan blue hole

The islands of the South Pacific make for an easy tropical getaway from Australia - nothing new here. Flights take 4-5 hours from the east coast, English is spoken widely, they’re safe to visit… the reasons to visit are plenty. But why should you choose Samoa ahead of the rest? Samoa is still an undiscovered treasure of the South Pacific that has been waiting for you to wallow in its natural beauty and welcoming hospitality.

Visiting Samoa as a couple

The scent of tropical frangipani, the feeling of sand beneath your toes, the scenery of a prismatic sunsets… the very essence of Samoa is romance.

As a couple, visitors can relish the atmosphere by spending time together away from the hustle and bustle of any big cities or packed resorts. Samoa offers a world of untouched nature, the perfect backdrop for a couple’s adventure among the emerald forests and rushing waterfalls. Even staying close to the resort will present the perfect opportunity to feel likes you’re a million miles from home. Grab a cocktail poolside and watch the day go by together. Add a traditional Samoan massage and let the aphrodisiacs of touch and scent work their magic.

For a couple looking to celebrate marriage, Samoa stands as one of the most romantic locales. Beachfront resorts welcome couples for an intimate exchange of vows or even a traditional Samoan wedding ceremony, where villages serenade the bridge as she walks down the aisle escorted by fierce-but-friendly warriors. Of course, the tropical honeymoon in paradise seals the deal.

A couple in Samoan sunset

Visiting Samoa as a family

As Mother Nature’s playground, Samoa offers the entire family the chance to get back to nature. Take a family excursion to explore the other-worldly landscape of extinct lava fields or go for a peaceful swim with turtles in the turquoise waters of the lagoon.

Little ones will be awestruck at a fia fia - where traditional Samoan food is served and Samoan history and culture is celebrated through traditional song, dance and storytelling - as the graceful village maidens dance the siva and young men twirl fire sticks to the beat of drums. During the day, they can learn how to play kirikiti, the Samoan version of cricket, from local villagers and their children.

Samoan natural geyser 

Visiting Samoa as a solo traveller

As a solo traveller, you’ll find that you’re never really alone when you explore Samoa. Meet the abundant marine life as you snorkel or dive at Palolo Deep and swim with turtles around Namua Island. Or sing and dance along with local villagers during one of their many annual celebrations.

When travelling solo, it’s important to know that your destination will be welcoming - and Samoa is every bit of that! The locals are governed by their 3,000 year old tradition of Fa’a Samoa (or The Samoan Way), which places high value on respect of elders, of the community, and of the land. As a visitor, if you adopt Fa’a Samoa, you’ll be on the path to making lifelong friends and find a new appreciation for the natural world around you. You’ll also want to adapt fai fai lemu, the Samoan Way of living. Literally, it translates to “take it easy,” which is the perfect way to live when you explore new scenery and participate in cultural activities.

Solo traveller in Samoan sunset

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