Sunshine Coast couple with kayak2

Nothing kills the mood faster than too much pressure. So why not design your holiday to take the pressure off in each and every way? The Sunshine Coast sets an effortlessly romantic scene for a couples getaway. Don’t worry, you don’t even have to plan it - we’ve already hand-picked this list of memory-making must-do’s.

Escape from the escape 

Sweet, rustic, indulgent: Love Cloud Picnics tailor-make a romantic picnic just for you. You’ve already travelled away from home but this experience will make you feel a million miles from everyone else. Sip something bubbly, nibble on something sweet, and savour the opportunity to live in your own little corner of the coast together. 


Breathe in, breathe out

Yoga’s benefits for calming the mind are celebrated around the world, so we won’t recant them all now. But we will encourage you to take an hour for yourselves to breathe, stretch, and embrace the Sunshine Coast’s mindful approach to life with a class at Zenko Yoga. (Our tip: take a class with founder and owner Lauren Verona.) The studio is set amongst a flower-filled garden, echoing the lush surrounds of Noosa. We guarantee that you’ll leave with a lifted spirit and deeper connection to each other than before you started. Plus, don’t they always say that a couple that sweats together stays together? 


Take a bite out of life  

Fussy, fancy food is all too often confused for a romantic meal. If you ask us, it’s all about exciting flavour combinations, inspired presentation, and the company you’re with when you’re sharing a meal. In Yandina, if you bring the company, Spirit House will bring the rest and then some. They’re famous among locals for their tranquil garden and pond, but they're lauded among the culinary community for superb contemporary Thai cuisine.   


Improvise a bit 

The most romantic moments happen when you’re not trying too hard to impress each other. Go with the Sunshine Coast flow on Sundays and wander around the famous Noosa Farmers Market. Come for a stroll, stay for the aroma of freshly-baked bread, the rainbow array of fresh fruit and vege, and the impressive sight of handmade crafts. Get inspired to make a meal for each other… or even grab a bunch of flowers and a delicious treat for a surprise gift! 


Stay cruisey 

End your holiday with one of Mother Nature’s finest performances: a Sunshine Coast sunset. A sunset cruise is the ultimate Sunny Coast (Sunset Coast?!) ending - there’s nothing pretentious or too demanding about it. You can bring your own bottle of something to make a toast with and glide along the stunning Noosa Sound. Cheers to you and yours!