The very essence of Taiwan’s Alishan National Scenic Area is one of pure serenity. In contrast to the vibrant, electric cities, Taiwan’s amazing mountainous region offers stillness - but it is within this calmness that its magic is found. Visitors will find Alishan to be a real treat for all five senses.

See in Alishan

Rise before the sun to see the pride of Alishan: the sunset over Yushan, or Jade Mountain. In the darkness before dawn, you’ll jump on the century-old Alishan Forest Railway to ride all the way to the top of the mountain. As the sun bursts and greets the day, you’ll see its sparkling rays shine over the rolling mountains and lush landscape. Soak in more of the sights by walking back down the mountain on the forest trails.


Alishan Forest Railway train

Taste in Alishan

It would not be a trip to Asia without the taste of tea! Taiwan has been producing some of the world’s best teas for hundreds of years so it is only natural that the taste of Alishan is a warm cup of mountain oolong tea. Tea lovers say that Alishan’s best cup tastes like flowers and fruits. Along with your cuppa, you will want a bite of mochi, an addictively-delicious sticky rice ball. This favourite treat is now beloved all over the world, but its origins are in Alishan.

tea harvest

Tea harvest

Smell in Alishan

At Shouzhen Temple, the alluring scent of incense awaken the soul. The Temple itself is the largest Taoist in Alishan and the highest Temple in Taiwan. It was built by the region’s native tribes to receive protection and blessings from the gods. Today, it is one of the most enchanting sights in the country.

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Shouzhen Temple

Hear in Alishan

This time, it is the lack thereof that makes the senses tingle. The serenity of Alishan comes from the sounds of silence. When there is sound, it is the rush of waterfalls, the whisper of the wind, and excitement from the other visitors who are witnessing the same magic as you!

Sisters Pond

Sisters Pond

Feel in Alishan

Silky smooth kimonos are the clothing article of choice in Hinoki Village. This small little area was recreated from the real Japanese-style dormitories that were built when the Japanese moved into the area. The scene is complete cherry blossom trees, lily ponds, and - of course - many shops for picking up souvenirs.


Hinoki Village

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