Mississippi Tupelo Blues Sign in front of White Church

Every August, thousands of Elvis fans from all over the world make the journey to Memphis to participate in weeklong celebrations of the King. In 2018, Elvis Week takes place 11-18 August. This celebration is the perfect opportunity to go beyond Memphis and discover all that the US South has to offer. Each state offers a different flavour, so it is absolutely worth your while to sample them all!

Tenneessee - Elvis has left the building, but not our hearts!

Immerse yourself in all things Elvis by starting out at Graceland. Here, you can check out the mansion, admire Elvis' collection of flashy hot-rods and classic cars in the new Elvis Presley Automobile Museum, visit a special new museum called Elvis: The Entertainer, which will focus on his career and achievements, memorabilia and history.

Tennessee Memphis Graceland Elvis car

Mississippi – Taste the Gulf

In Mississippi, and the entire region, food is more than just sustenance - it brings together people. Taste fresh Gulf seafood, southern-fried catfish and hushpuppies.

Visit Jackson, the ‘City with Soul’, to dine along the coast and take advantage of the region’s plentiful seafood and open-air, beachfront eateries, and five-star restaurants. From soul food to seafood, this cuisine nourishes the heart. Feed the mind by learning the history that helped shape the USA. These compelling stories will be captured in the Museum of Mississippi History and Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

Alabama – The heart and soul of The South

Sweet Home Alabama is more than a song. It’s a place where the skies really are so blue - a land of history, culture, music and adventure. Here, Gospel is sung in churches and folks dance to blues, country and jazz in bars. But Alabama also offers the off-the-beaten track experiences that take quirky to a new level: visit a one-of-a-kind graveyard at Coon Dog Cemetery, where over 300 raccoon hunting dogs have been buried since 1937. Or  find the fiberglass replica of England’s Stonehenge in the middle of Elberta, Alabama known as Bamahenge.  

Arkansas – Music and Nature in Harmony

Known as The Nature State, Arkansas stands proud and honourably with mountain vistas and clear running streams. Here, travellers can visit unique attractions such as the ESSE purse museum or dig for diamonds at the Diamonds State Park, the only real public diamond mine in the world.

Kentucky- Bluegrass, Bourbon, & Nature’s Beauty

Visit the gracious Bluegrass State, home to rolling green hills, horse farms and the iconic Kentucky Derby. Climb into the saddle here in the ‘Horse Capital of the World’. Meander through Kentucky Bourbon Country to try the state’s famous libation. The Bourbon name comes from Bourbon County, a large Kentucky district founded after the American Revolution. By the time Bourbon County was formed in 1785, there were dozens if not hundreds of small farmer-distillers making whiskey throughout the region. By the late 1800s, there were hundreds of distilleries in Kentucky. Now, ten major whiskey makers produce hundreds of brands, including many of the top-priced single-barrel, small-batch, and cask-strength variations. The spirit’s popularity has impacted Kentucky tourism, prompting a boom with nearly two million people visiting the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in the last five years.