Los Angeles at sunset

Los Angeles has more glitz and glam in one square mile than most cities have in their entirety. It’s where lifestyles of the rich and famous is a reality - all champagne taste, caviar dreams, and a really golden coast. It’s the boulevard of dreams yet to be broken, still glowing with hope. It’s energy and the birthplace of trends and limitless sunshine. It’s the ‘it factor’ in city form.

Hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign is a celebrity in itself. An absolute icon watching over the city from atop the Hollywood Hills. And down below, Hollywood Boulevard still captures the essence of the bygone golden age of film. Tinseltown turns from nostalgia to contemporary pop culture with the world’s best merchandising. Take Universal Studios, Disneyland or Starline Tours as perfect examples of expanding bits of pop culture to massive proportions.

In Beverly Hills and the surrounding neighborhoods, it’s high society that runs the show. Take a quick drive down Rodeo Drive to see what unabashed wealth looks like; it’s almost like living in an alternate reality where everything sparkles, flashes, and smiles. Everyone and everything is on display.

Rodeo Drive

But down near the water, fun in the sun takes on new meaning. The Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach Boardwalk and Muscle Beach tote a spirit of light-heartedness, lust-for-life and living in the moment. It’s refreshing and still so glamorous in its own way. 

There’s an overwhelming sense of pride in LA - pride in being here, proud to be a part of it all. It’s what star power really looks like. And it’s almost addictive.

Los Angeles skyline at night