Don’t just visit Thailand - really get into Thailand! The many shades of Thailand represent the countless enriching experiences that Thailand has to offer visitors from around the world. Here are only a handful of these amazing New Shades of Thailand.  

The shade of Thai Culture

One of the most well-known images of Thailand is the paddy fields. To take in the best of Thai culture, visit Wat Muang in Ang Thong province. There, you will find the largest sitting Buddha Thailand overlooking vibrant paddy fields. And just north of the Kok River in Chiang Rai province is where you’ll find the Wat Rong Sue Ten also known as the Blue Temple. It’s a colourful but peaceful temple that showcases the attention to detail and spirituality that are so integral in Thai culture.

View of Wat Muang

The shade of Thai Arts & Crafts

The Museum of Floral Culture in Bangkok was built and curated especially for lovers of flowers, nature and those with an interest in Thai art and culture – deeply important parts of the Thai way of life. For lovers of history and restorations, a visit to Lhong 1919 is a must; Lhong 1919 comes from a Chinese word literally meaning steamboats. This is an old port from the reign of King Rama the third’s reign, which has been restored as an open museum about Thai-Chinese history and is the new pride of Chao Phraya River. And for lovers of contemporary art, the Maiiam Contemporary Art Museum in Chiang Mai province will not disappoint.

The shade of Gastronomy

Thailand’s street food has a fantastic reputation that has preceded it for years. But finally, in December of 2017, Michelin Guide book Bangkok will be launch. This will be the fifth Asian country to have a Michelin Guide Book.

A range of Thai desserts 

The shade of Nature & Beach

Hat Sai Dam in Trat province is a Black Sand Beach. It’s actually one of only five places in the world with sand of this colouring; and if you’re wondering what causes it, it’s iron ore called limonite. But for a more typical beach experience, head to Ko Wai, only 45 minutes away from Ko Chang in Trat province. The island has scenic beaches with soft white sand and is an ideal place to swim, snorkel or simply relax and lay still. If you are after a dive unlike any other, visit Samphan Bok in Ubon Ratchathani province. It is home to the biggest rock reef in the Mae Khong River.  

Clear waters of beach in Thailand

The shade of Thai way of life

For the most immersive experience of the Thai way of live, join a farm tour or homestay, such as Ban Rai I Arun in Ranong province. Or partake in one of the most reputable - and relaxing - Thai activities: massage. Try Yam Khang, a style of oil massage at Ban Rai Kong Khing in Chiang Mai province. Once you have completely relaxed, dive into the lifestyle of the Night Markets, especially during the weekend, which are chock full of shopping and dining options. And for a more active view of the Thai lifestyle, jump on a bike and cruise around Charoen Krung Road in Bangkok, famous of its street art that literally colours the community.

Rice paddy fields in Thailand