These days, it’s common to adopt the “if I don’t photograph it, did it happen?” mentality. But this habit causes dismay for many people who declare that we should be enjoying the moment instead of focusing on documenting it perfectly for others.

But we salute those who are dedicated to savouring photographable moments, holding onto precious memories from travels. And to them, we encourage a visit to Sri Lanka, an island in the Indian Ocean with influences from all over the world. Sri Lanka is photographable in its entirety. But these 7 spots are the most picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy destinations on the entire island.

Galle Fort

The entire town of Galle and its historic fortifications are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While Galle Fort dates back to the 16th century, it is dotted with modern restaurants, bars, and boutiques. Its location next to the striking Indian Ocean makes it as picturesque as it is storied.

Outdoors of Galle Fort 

Somerset Tea Plantation

Sri Lanka is famous for its tea. Rolling landscapes of tea plantations are as mesmerising as their output is delicious. The Central Province of Sri Lanka is covered in these emerald green swathes. Watch tea pickers at work, and then enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Pluckers in the Somerset Tea Plantation 


Similar to Australia’s Uluru, Sigiriya is a monolith and a source of natural history stories. But unlike Uluru, visitors are welcome to summit the imposing rock plateau. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was turned into a fortress with intricate carvings and frescoes and monk hermitage as early as the third century AD.

The Sigiriya monolith 

Yala National Park

Five blocks, 44 varieties of mammals, and 215 species of bird comprise this massive nature reserve. Visitors come here to spot incredible wildlife, camp peacefully overnight, and explore the scenic lagoons, forests, and plains of this living, breathing natural wonder.

An elephant in Yala National Park 

Polonnaruwa Vatadage

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was constructed between 1164-1196AD. Many layers make up the impressive circular structure, and the remains are only a fraction of what was originally built. Today, Polonnaruwa’s temples are active sites, so it is common to see Monks among the visitors.

Monks worshipping the Polonnaruwa Vatadage 

Under the waves at Unawatuna

Near Galle lies a legendary beach town: Unawatuna. Its gilded sand might entice you, but it’s what lies beneath the water that will steal your heart. More than 10 coral reefs, shipwrecks, and all kinds of marine life colour the vast underwater scenery brilliantly.

Man scuba diving at Unawatuna

Knuckles Mountain Range

This formidable mountain range stretches from Matale to Kandy in Central Province. While there are peaks to climb, hikes to take, and waterfalls to chase, it is a conservation area, meaning that many areas are closed to visitors. Still, the breathtaking vistas are enjoyable from all over the range.

Knuckles Mountain Range