Taipei night markets

As Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei has a big reputation to uphold. This metropolis is more than the country’s centre for leisure and business. It’s a city offering a different experience for all five senses. Explore Taipei by day and night to fully understand the deep diversity of this bold and bright city.

Taipei by day

Taipei 101

Definitely the most iconic building in the entire city, Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world from 2004-2010 and currently holds the position as the 10th tallest building in the world. It’s a sight to behold, a giant among us mortals. Standing over 500 metres high, this building is a financial centre with shops and restaurants, where visitors can get the very best views of Taipei.

Taipei 101

Visitors interested in engineering must stop by the world’s largest and heaviest wind damper. Its purpose is to reduce the swaying of the tower during winds and earthquakes but it also makes a fascinating spectacle for visitors. And for those impressed by the feeling of being up in the clouds, ordering a drink topped with fairy floss brings them much closer.

Fairy floss drink in Taipei

National Palace Museum

Taiwan’s rich history is expertly preserved and revered by the National Palace Museum’s permanent collection, which is open to the public seven days a week. Over 700,000 incredible pieces, including paintings, jades, rare books, calligraphy, ceramics, and more dating back to 4300-2500 BC, are on display and range from the exquisite to the quirky. In fact, one of the most unique pieces is the Jadeite Cabbage created from white and green jade!

Jade cabbage

But the exterior of the museum is quite a marvel of traditional architecture itself. Made in the style of a Chinese palace, the museum features detailed ornamentation on its four stories and a colourful green and yellow roof. Beside the museum lies the stunning Zhide Garden, a peaceful oasis in the city featuring ponds, small pavilions, and winding bridges.

National Palace Museum

Taipei by night


In Taipei, “nightlife” is synonymous with karaoke. But unlike the karaoke we know in the west, karaoke in Taipei can include a full feast that you can order from the menu inside the comfort of your private room. It’s your complete night out sorted!

Visitors can find KTV, or karaoke television, bars all over the city. Many of the song options will be classic Taiwanese or Chinese pop songs, but there will be many of the classics in English on offer. While you can rent a room by the hour, Taiwanese are known to spend 6 hours singing, dining, and drinking for a wonderful night on the town.

Teigan Nash doing Karaoke in Taipei2

Night markets

Stop by the night markets in the evening for dinner or end your night on a delicious note with a midnight snack! Most of the markets are open until midnight or later, keeping the city abuzz throughout the night.

There are countless markets to choose from, so the tough choice won’t be where to visit but how much to eat. Before you step foot into the markets, you’ll be tempted by the delicious aroma of Taiwanese street food. Vendors hawk their noodles, buns, sausages, soup, and more for your delight.

Teigan Nash in Taipei