New York City has long been known as “the city that never sleeps.” But Hong Kong has proven that it has the stamina to stay awake and kicking all through the night.

Hong Kong kicks on through the night

Wan Chai is practically the capital of nightlife. While its debaucherous past earned it the reputation of being a red light district, it has become more tame and palatable today. During the daytime, Wan Chai is a chic shopping district with laneways filled with quirky antiques, Chinese furniture, gadgets, toys and so much more. But at night, it truly comes alive as the nightlife district. Start the night at Hong Kong’s only revolving restaurant in The East, a complex that boasts many shops and restaurants, for panoramic views of the city. Then jump into the party at any of the many bars and pubs, many of which have dancefloors that will feel like home by the end of the night.

But nightlife isn’t just about the party life. In Hong Kong, having a night filled with culture is an easy find. One of Hong Kong’s most historic theatres, the Sunbeam Theatre, has been graced with the presence of the biggest names in Cantonese Opera. Visitors can get tickets for traditional Chinese performance art practically any night, since there are two auditoriums. Or visitors can watch a less traditional type of performance at the buzzing Fringe Club.

Hong Kong’s nightlife has an eclectic side, too. Karaoke bars, jazz bars and other live music venues fill the streets with inviting melodies. It’s common to find communities sitting around a table enjoying a late night coffee over live music instead of lining up at a bar. And late-night eats are aplenty, as many restaurants stay open to serve into the wee hours of the morning. Joy Hing Roasted Meat has served Cantonese barbecued meat since the end of the Qing Dynasty and it is now known as a late-night treat.

Hong Kong kicks on through the night

Hong Kong clearly is a city for true city-dwellers. Visitors who like a city with endless opportunities to explore, taste, see, imbibe and feel will find a new favourite destination in Hong Kong.