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While family holidays come in all shapes and sizes, Intrepid Travel believes that no matter what, a family holiday should inspire children to be lifelong travellers. Through active family holidays, solo parent family holidays, or trips over school holidays with Intrepid Travel, travellers in training and their adventurous parents will find enriching experiences that will keep them hungry for more travel. These four experiences showcase how inspiring nature and man-made wonders can be for guests of all ages.

Marvel at nature’s wonders

1. Dive into the heart of 2,000 limestone islands in World-Heritage listed Halong Bay in Vietnam to witness the drama of nature on the 13 Day Vietnam Family Holiday. The greens and blues of the water make the limestone peaks stand out brilliantly by day; by night, starlight illuminates the night sky as a wave of peace washes over the Bac Bo Gulf.

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2. Young travellers will fall in love with the great outdoors on the incomparable 11 Day Borneo Family Holiday. With days filled with lush mountain trails and pristine beaches, the whole family will find it thrilling to see another wonder of nature: the wildlife! A trip to Borneo wouldn’t be complete without spotting orangutans, which is what this tour anticipates! Guests will be able to visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre to watch baby orangutans learn to swing and see these magical creatures in their natural habitat.

Mesmerise them with man-made monuments

3. In Japan, the sights and sounds are nothing less than hypnotic. Tokyo’s bright lights are echoed in the colourful, bold, eccentric styles of Harajuku or Shinjuku. Meanwhile, sounds of the world-famous fish market are spellbinding as fishmongers, chefs, and everyone in between wake up before dawn to conduct their very busy business. On Intrepid Travel’s 12 day Japan Family Holiday, the itinerary brings guests to four distinct cities - but really, each district of each city is so unique that guests will feel like they’re seeing an entirely different world each day.

4. Ancient ruins tell more about the world’s history and the power of innovative thinking than a story ever could. On the China Family Holiday, the sheer size of the Great Wall of China or the imposing dragon and phoenix imagery in the Forbidden City tell the tales of more than 500 years. Dotting the itinerary of the 12 Day China Family Holiday, these are iconic landmarks have stood the test of time because of their legend and lasting power. They are truly awe-inspiring landmarks for visitors of all ages.

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When travelling to interact with nature’s most majestic wonders, it’s important to travel responsibly. By joining an Intrepid Travel tour, guests can guarantee that they are adhering to the protection and preservation of the wonders that they witness on their unforgettable holidays and ensure that responsible travel habits are formed young.

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