Father and daughter in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a truly exquisite place made up of white sand beaches, azure waters, colourful local markets, and buzzing restaurants and is the ultimate place to rest and relax with the whole family. 

Here are the top four things to do with the kids when in Vanuatu.

Mele Cascades

Dreams come true at Mele Cascades, which is just a 10-kilometre drive from Port Vila. 

This popular swimming spot consists of turquoise-hued pools that lead uphill and create a waterfall that flows into a natural pool. 

Once you’ve arrived, walk up the falls and experience a view like no other – and don’t forget your camera.

The whole family will love to swim in the natural pool under the waterfall, which is surrounded by lush greenery – it is an absolute paradise.

The walk up is a little slippery, so make sure appropriate footwear is worn.

Iarofa Cultural Village

For an educational experience that the kids will love, take a trip to the Iarofa Cultural Village. It’s located about 10 kilometres from Port Vila.

The whole family will enjoy being part of the daily life of the local ni-Vanuatu people.

On arrival, you’ll be greeted by chanting warriors, and will also get to learn about traditional fishing and hunting methods. A fire walking ceremony will also be performed which is both entertaining and educational.

Hideaway Island

Take a voyage to the incredible Hideaway Island that’s just a short taxi ride away from Port Vila and a free ferry ride to the mainland of the island.

There’s a restaurant on the island when you get hungry.

Snorkelling is a must here, because the bright coral and tropical fish in this area are completely mesmerising.

The kids will love the opportunity to feed the fish, which takes place about 50 metres to shore on a pontoon, so bring bread to avoid having to buy.

Horse Riding

Gallop horseback with the family through the rainforests, coconut plantations, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the stunning area.

Club Hippique offers different options for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

The magical experience must be caught on camera so don’t forget the camera.