Families with young children, your ideal holiday destination is hiding plain sight: the Whitsundays right here in Australia! The coast is a chilled out paradise, the islands a real slice of heaven. As if those weren’t reason enough to book in a trip, here are 8 more reasons why this is the ideal family holiday destination.

1. Easy to visit

As most parents would assume, a domestic holiday is easier for young children, thanks to shorter flights, no need for passports and ease of access. Not only is the Whitsundays a tropical, domestic destination, but there are direct flights or easy connections from major cities to both the Whitsunday coast and the islands.

2. Resorts are family-friendly

Resorts and hotels in the Whitsundays cater to families with kids clubs, child-friendly programs, and childcare services. Children will find new friends to play with… and all the while, mum and dad can relax with a spa treatment. Or parents can enjoy a date night  knowing that the kids are safe and sound under the care of a nanny.

Hamilton Island resort 

3. Safe & slow

The Whitsunday Islands are so small that there are no cars on the road, making the streets slow and safe. But what’s the transportation of choice? A nice walk under the shade of palm trees or easy buggy hire. In fact, Hamilton Island Buggy Hire is perfectly prepared for parents with child restraints on 4-seater buggies.

4. Learning moments for all

Learning about how to safely and responsibly tour the world’s most precious natural wonders is paramount these days! As a family, you can visit wonders of the world for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday whilst learning how to protect and preserve it for families to come.

 Daughter and father visiting rays in the Whitsundays 

5. Everything you need is here

When you’re packing for yourself and children, it’s easy to forget something at home. Luckily, the Whitsundays would be able to provide anything you need in a pinch. Even Hamilton Island has an IGA (conveniently located next to the Hamilton Island Bottle Shop...), so family dinner could be prepared by hand.  

6. Nature overload

The largest living organism in the world, the world’s finest sands, heritage-listed sites… truly, Queensland  is home to so much of Australia’s pride. Seeing all of Australia’s nature at its finest is easier in the Whitsundays than so many other regions because of the proximity of it all to each other. One trip becomes many in the Whitsundays.

Great Barrier Reef at Reef World 

7. Waters welcome swimmers of all skill levels

For tots learning to swim or young ones who aren’t quite ready for diving can have so much fun splashing around and exploring the many swimming pools and water parks in the Whitsundays. Parents can join in the fun or take it easy on a lounger looking on at the wet and wild fun. At the Great Barrier Reef, tours will provide glass-bottom boats or semi-submersible experiences for children to view the wonders without any equipment.

Viewing platform at Reef World 

8. A warm welcome in the Whitsundays

It’s important to mention that the local Queenslanders of the Whitsundays are friendly and welcoming. And of course, there’s no language barrier! The inviting atmosphere of the area is the cherry on top of every other reason to visit with the family.

Kids on a palm tree in the Whitsundays