Family with children on holiday in Fiji

There are holidays that focus on child-centric activities, and then there are holidays that simply accommodate children. But a holiday in Fiji bridges the gap: Fiji is the ultimate destination for family holidays.

Predictable weather, easy flights, and stunning beaches are the low-hanging fruit - they’re delicious and ripe as reasons to visit Fiji. For families, however, the trunk of the tree is what we regard as the most important factor: a welcoming culture that adores children.

Children playing in Fiji beach

At its core, Fijian culture loves children and it is expected that anyone’s child will be cared for by any adult. The care factor is evident all over this island nation. First and foremost, when you walk into any resort, restaurant, or shop, you’ll be greeted with a “Bula!”, a sentiment of welcoming and a celebration of life. This simple greeting is the embodiment of the Fijian culture, the welcoming of all and the feel of family.

At the many resorts, it’s common to find kids clubs, child-friendly activities, and nanny services. Not only does this allow children to meet new playmates, but it allows parents to take a break for massages or dates with the peace of mind that their children are being looked after with the utmost care.

Around the islands, children are not beholden to age limits. As long as they are comfortable - rather, as long as you as a parent are comfortable - children can dive into waters to explore, swim, snorkel, and experience the natural wonders that make Fiji’s unmatched landscape. For all visitors, the possibilities of activities are endless: cultural explorations in villages, guided river cruises, ziplining and other jungle adventures, swimming galore, and so much more.

People in the rivers of Fiji

Quality time with quality views will create the highest quality shared memories. The nature beauty and beautiful culture of Fiji lend themselves to family holidays. To take one of your own, check out our Fiji holiday deals on offer today.