Family in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a tropical paradise; full of beautiful beaches, resorts, culture and delicious cuisine. If you’re considering a family trip to New Caledonia, here are five family-friendly activities for your agenda:

1. Swim and snorkel at Yejele Beach

New Caledonia has some great snorkelling spots, but Yejele Beach is a must if you’ve got children.

Upon arrival, you’ll receive a warm welcome from the locals and then it’s time for the beach. It’s blessed with warm, crystal clear water, and is full of coral and bright, tropical fish.

If you’d prefer to watch the kids and stay dry, relaxing on the white sand beach is also an amazing experience. 

When hunger strikes, local food and drinks can be purchased from nearby beach huts and restaurants.

2. Tchou Tchou Train ride around Noumea

Jump onboard the infamous bright yellow Tchhou Tchou train and experience New Caledonia’s capital, Nouméa, in a fun way that the whole family will enjoy. 

Not only is it a visually appealing journey (with its endless beaches and pretty parks), but also it’s informative. It’s great way to see the Nouméa within a few hours.

A couple of the highlights of the journey include a visit to the Dame du Pacifique, which comes with complimentary French pastries and a drive through of the Faubourg Blanchot neighbourhood, which is full of colonial homes.

3. Isle of Pines guided tour

Take a trip down educational lane, and do a tour at the Isle of Pines, a place known for its white sand beaches. It takes around two to three hours to complete and it’s well worth it.

Upon arrival, locals welcome you with a traditional tribal dance, before you hop on a mini bus for the guided tour.

Some of the attractions of the Isle of Pines include local villages, the Notre Dame de l‘Assomption Church, prison ruins, statues and stunning bays.

4. Kuto Bay, Isle of Pines

Paradise is found at Kuto Bay; a place of relaxation and family fun. This pearl-coloured beach is lined with palm trees and beautiful turquoise-hued ocean.

But if you’re not keen to get in, there is a beachside restaurant with a deck where you can watch the kids play in the water while you enjoy food and drinks.

5. Blue River Provincial Park

Enjoy an active day out at the Blue River Provincial Park, a nature reserve in Yaté Commune in the South Province.

It’s huge, so bike hire is advised over walking, but you can also hike as there are many different routes, which range from 20 minutes to six hours. 

Make sure you find the Sunket Forest within the park, because it’s full of massive kaori trees, which is a popular attraction here. 

Make sure everyone brings their swimmers because there are a lot of freshwater swimming holes along the way, and kayak hire is available too.