Family exploring New Caledonia2

Family: you may look alike and sound alike... but actually liking the same activities? Not always a guarantee!

While many families favour the same types of activities, meals, and types of travel, others find it a challenge to get everyone to agree on where to go for breakfast, let alone an entire holiday. New Caledonia is truly the saving grace destination for that second type of family. With its perfect balance of nature and city, South Pacific ease and French influence, and land and sea activities, there is something in New Caledonia for every personality to enjoy.

For the active adventurer…

The picturesque lagoon and bays are even more striking underwater! Snorkel, scuba, swim, and explore. Or stay well above water aboard a flyboard or hoverboard to find a new brand of adrenaline rush. On dry land, hiking tracks are available all year round. Add wheels on Grande Terre for a mountain bike trek through the natural parks. Or really boost the energy with a quad bike to explore the scenic West Coast.

Father snorkelling in New Caledonia

For the beach bunny…

Pristine white sands and an enticing blue lagoon: the beach paradise in a beach bunny’s mind looks like New Caledonia. A visit to the Isle of Pines and the Loyalty Islands invites beachgoers to swim in the transparent waters of Oro Bay, explore the hundreds of islets peppered across the Isle of Pines’ lagoon, and really take a load off in the easy-living style of the Loyalty Islands native Kanak people.

A couple enjoying white sands

For the city-slicker…

Noumea, the capital city of New Caledonia, sits on the water. Here, city-dwellers can pop into stores in the Latin Quarter, stroll along the promenade between Anse Vata Bay to Lemon Bay, or find their buzz in clubs, restaurants, and casinos. On Thursdays, visitors will find a lively scene in Coconut Square, as live entertainment plays on for all to enjoy.

City of Noumea

For the country lover…

Fondly called ‘Cowboy Country,’ the west coast of New Caledonia boasts spanses of savannas and plains, home to the New Caledonia Cowboys, The Broussards. Get in the saddle at a workin livestock farm or even through the Central Mountain Chain from Kone, or appreciate the vastness of the land from on high at the Tia Plateau in Pouembout.

A horse in the plains of New Caledonia

For the culture aficionado....

New Caledonia’s cultural fabric is woven from its heritage of Kanak, Indonesian, Polynesian, Tahitian, and Javanese influence, as well as the French colonial settlers. The east coast is a rich centre of cultural flare, some the Nickel Mine in Thio and the former mining villages to the tribal villages in Ponerihouen, and the festivals celebrated all year along the entire coast.

Tribal village in New Caledonia

For the snap-happy photographer…

Always camera-ready, New Caledonia’s stunning landscape makes for the perfect photo subject. Snap a photo of the aqua, turquoise, and cyan waters in Lifou or the lush hunter green with splashes of white waterfalls at the mighty Tao Waterfall in the east coast’s Hienghene. Keep eyes peeled and camera ready to go - everywhere you look will be a photoshoot waiting to happen.

Paddle boarding in Islet