Bali beach

New research has indicated that the strongest familial bond is between mothers and daughters. At any age, it’s a special kind of family bond that deserves to be celebrated. And while mums and daughters might not always see eye to eye - that’s how family works sometimes - there is something to be said for travelling with someone who pushes you to be your most authentic self. With all of this in mind, we propose a new resolution to plan more mother-daughter holidays.

And when it comes to the question of, “where should we go?” the answer is simple: Bali.

With partners, parents and other children back home, it can be easy to make the excuse not to leave. But Bali’s proximity to and direct flights from major cities in Australia makes it difficult to eschew the thought of an extended weekend getaway; any time in a location as stunning as Bali would be enough to leave mums and daughters rejuvenated. With the kicker of the tropical climate it doesn’t take long at all to feel like you’re on holiday, to breathe deep and take the day slowly and leisurely, to break free from the spell of day-to-day stress. Spend even just a few days at Jimbaran Beach in a 5-star luxury resort or private villa, soaking in the sun glistening over pristine waters and enjoying nightly seafood and barbeque feasts and you’ll wonder why you don’t do this more often.

Lit candles on beach in Bali

To really drive that point home, use Bali as the perfect background for a wellness retreat. Of course, wellness comes in many forms. For some mums or daughters, it’s hitting the reset button to get a mental break. For others, it’s learning to appreciate your physical body and all that it can do. And for others still, it’s finding new connection in spirituality. And in the mother-daughter bond, it’s quite likely that the only other person who truly understands what wellness retreat you need and why is your mother-daughter counterpart. Bali is absolutely covered in all kinds of resorts and luxury spas that specialise in yoga, treatments, meditation and more. But it doesn’t necessarily take a dedicated accommodation to make a trip a wellness retreat. Walk through the serene Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud or take in the humbling sight of the mighty Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park in Nusa Dua - sharing a new experience in a peaceful environment will create a incomparable connection.

Rice fields in Bali

To take the mind-body connection one step further, mums and daughters can be each other's best spa date. In Seminyak, located on the west coast of Bali, Bodyworks will pamper you head to toe with matching treatments. An afternoon of massages and leisurely mani-pedis can be the optimal way to be connected through activity and still steal a few quiet moments to yourself, to gather your thoughts once again. After the spa, have the ultimate shop together. Seminyak is a hub for international designers - many of them produce their exquisite pieces right there in Bali - who have outlets open to the public. And of course, these are mixed among fabulous Balinese boutiques full of handicrafts and fashions.

 Massage treatments in Bali

But there is also other excitement to revel in, no matter what age. Mums and daughters can embark on a journey to really take in the spice of life; together, eat and drink your way through the island. Classic street dishes can be prepared to win over any palette - snacks of chicken sate (satay), crunchy soybean tempeh or perfectly cooked lumpia (spring rolls) are ubiquitous, as are mains like noodle-filled nasi goreng and a spicy salad of gado gado. A mother-daughter exploration of the busy streets would be made that much more delicious with a stop at the kaki lima, or roadside food carts, for some of these treats. But then, what meal would be complete with a beverage? A cup of Balinese coffee, or kopi, might be sweeter than what the Aussie taste is used to, since it is processed in such a way that leaves it sweet and soft. For mums and daughters of legal age, a sip of a tropical cocktail - which Bali is known for - is enough to feel totally at ease. There really is nothing like trying the local cuisine to appreciate the world away from home.

How rewarding it is to share an experience with someone you love. It can often carry more meaning than a tangible gift and can create memories that are cherished for a lifetime. Friends might make excellent travel companions, there is likely to be a moment of stress from waiting on others to make plans; you might want to share a romantic trip with a partner, but it can be disappointing if your holiday doesn’t feel like the ‘movie version’ whirlwind fantasy. Join us in choosing a mother-daughter trip this year and discover Bali with fresh eyes and an open heart.