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Thailand’s first ethical elephant sanctuary has opened, and it has already had a number of a-lister visits.


The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is home to elephants with a background in entertainment and/or labour. The Sanctuary gives them a chance to retire in a peaceful environment. Perhaps it is the good treatment of these animals that has attracted celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Martin and Aaron Paul of 'Breaking Bad.'


The camp has about 30 acres of space for the animals to roam during the day and they are given shelter at night. To ensure these beautiful creatures are not overwhelmed, visits are capped at 35 people per day, there are no rides, and visitors must stand at least two metres away from the animals.

“What is lovely about what we're doing here is we have had children come and watch elephants playing in water and not riding them in a show. We need the next generation to understand the importance of compassion to animals,” founder Louise Rogerson told CNN. 

At the moment there are six elephants that call the Sanctuary home. But, Rogerson revealed that they hope to increase this number to 20 and build a high-quality veterinary clinic onsite through the help of donations.

If you’re heading to Thailand, make sure you give this place a visit…