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Think back to the first time you saw snow. Remember how it felt through your gloves, as you stood on it with your snow boots. The white, fluffy snow was as beautiful and serene as a dream.

Now it’s time for your children to experience this magical moment for themselves. Although an addictively fun sport, skiing might be a little much for children with no or little experience. But this should not stop any family from planning a snow holiday.

Here are the top four non-skiing snow activities we recommend for families.


Tobogganing is an activity where you use a plastic moulded sled to slide down a hill covered in snow. It’s a fun adventure to do with the children. But more importantly, it is a great way to introduce them to the snow because it’s less daunting than skiing or snowboarding.

Most snow resorts have specific areas to toboggan safely and the option to hire one.

(Fun fact: Traditionally, tobogganing was a form of transport for people who lived in heavy snow areas, especially in Northern Canada.)

  Two children sled at snow

Snowball fight

What’s more wholesome than a good old snow fight? Just don’t throw too hard - icy snowballs can be painful if pegged!

Get creative and use the snow as a canvas. Make snow sculptures, like the classic snowman and don’t forget to bring a carrot for the nose. Lay in the sand and make snow angels. Create dazzling ice castles. Get out the shovel and make a whole snow fortress. Whatever you create, it'll be original and inspired by nature.

Two small snowmen

Husky sledding

Jump aboard the cutest and most exciting ride of your life and let a group of beautiful furry huskies pull you along as you sit back in a sled. This unique experience is perfect for families, couples, friends and children and the memories created will last a lifetime.

A Husky in the snow

Family bonding

Taking a family holiday to the snow can be a great opportunity to bring everyone closer together. The trip there can encourage togetherness by playing fun games like eye spy or karaoke. Perhaps it’s eating out after a day at the snow that forms a tighter bond. Or maybe it’s the special family time in the evenings in front of the heater or fire watching television while sipping on a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Child stacking doughnuts at the snow

So if you’ve been putting off organising a family snow trip, now is the time to book. Quite simply, snow is fun for everyone!