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On a Carnival Cruise, family fun means ensuring that children of all ages have fun their own way. The fun is limitless onboard and little bubs as young as 6 months can join for this brand of family fun.

Kids aged 2 to 11 can relax in Camp Ocean in three age groups during mornings at sea and days at port; for many evenings at sea, there’s a special Night Owls program where the kids can play and you - wonderfully deserving parents - can have that special time to reconnect.

Child about to slide down yellow slide

When you want the whole family to play together, splash around in the Carnival WaterWorks™ SplashZone specially designed with kids in mind! Mini water slides are guaranteed to be a favourite thrill for the little ones. Or create memories, and maybe a little something to take home, with the on-board Build-a-Bear Workshop at Sea program or the whimsical Seuss at Sea™ extravaganza.

Dr Seuss performance for children

And don’t let packing for your children be a hindrance to your relaxation as you prepare for the cruise of a lifetime - there are nappies and wipes available on board in shops and strollers available for hire.

As children get older, the new challenge becomes how to keep them entertained without making them feel stifled. Luckily, on a cruise, the psychology of ‘how to relate to teens’ has been entirely sorted. Teenagers like to think of themselves as adults and to feel totally free. On a ship, wandering around has a limit, but it takes a while to hit it! Teens can feel independent and go on their own without getting lost. And if your teen wants to hang out with others, there are designated ‘clubs’ where teens - groups 12-14 or 15-17 - can hang out, sing karaoke, watch movies or have a pool party together. There are even bars serving non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails for the older crowd in Club 02 while supervisors keep an eye on the younger group in Circle C - without spoiling the fun, of course. And if your teen really hits it off with new friends from the clubs, there are special teens-only shore excursions to explore once the ship docks.

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Whether it’s time together or time to watch your teen spread their wings and explore, Carnival embraces what makes precious family time so special. Cherish the moments and the memories made on board your family cruise.