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Don’t judge a book by its cover… It’s always summertime at Tropical Islands near Berlin, the resort that is actually built inside a former Soviet airplane hangar. The place is so big it can fit nine football fields inside it.

The man-made oasis boasts Germany’s largest waterslide and the world’s biggest indoor rainforest. It has three main areas including Tropical World, Tropical Sauna & Spa complex and an outdoor water world called AMAZONIA.


Some of the impressive attractions include island ballooning, mini golf, a beach, a lagoon, three Olympic-sized pools, and 13 bars and restaurants. And it doesn’t matter if it’s rain, hail or shine because the constant temperature inside the venue is set at an optimal 26 degrees.

You can adventure around for the day or choose to stay the night in the on-site hotel. There are different accommodation options available for everyone, including premium lodges, tents and even teepees on a campsite.