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It's not unheard of to be jealous of the whimsical activities that children get to enjoy. Take, for example, the ball pit: dive in, 'splash' around, laugh uncontrollably. Luckily, this exact childhood activity has gotten the adult upgrade at a bar in London!

BallieBallerson in Dalston, London is offers retro cocktails, ball-themed bites -meatballs, deep fried cheese balls, pancake balls and so on - music from a live DJ and a chest-deep pool of 200,000 plastic balls. On Saturdays, their brunch comes with prosecco, punch, spaghetti meatballs and ball pit games like hide and go seek.

And for those who can't shake the adult-like concerns about whether or not this is an unsanitary activity, fear not. The GobbleMuffin cleaning machine disinfects balls at a rate of 18,000 balls an hour. Talk about a carefree experience!