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Australia’s coffee culture has a pulse - a caffeinated kick that brings cosy, cool colour and life to each of the major cities. So much of the coffee that’s consumed in Australia these days comes from Latin America. But in true Aussie fashion, farmers have always chosen to do it themselves. Coffee has been grown locally since the 1800s and a revitalisation to the industry in the 1980s encouraged coffee growth and and production all along the east coast.

Today, Melbourne might try to claim the title as Australia’s coffee capital, but Sydney holds court. For the best cup of coffee in Sydney, head to these cafes. Each one specialises in at least one part of the coffee tasting experience, from the best roasts, divine dairy, or delicious ambiance.

CBD & Eastern Suburbs

Bondi Beach - Porch & Parlour

A view of the ocean and a strong brew: what more could you ask for in Sydney? Bondi Beach’s Porch & Parlour continually makes it to the top of Sydney’s best cafe or brunch lists, and for good reason. Their simple menu and rustic decor perfectly complement the Will & Co. coffee that they serve with finesse.

Potts Point - Cafe Two Ants

Blink and you’ll miss this locals’ favourite haunt. Cafe Two Ants is family-owned, which has translated to a wonderfully welcoming ambiance. If you have time, stick around for easy brekky. If you’re on the go, grab a coffee and a smoothie. And for those who like a bit of art with their coffee, ask for Shan to make one of his fantastic latte art creations!

Redfern - Tripod

Coffee culture has taken over the way we meet and work. Enter the “coffice,” or coffee shop office. At Tripod, working in the cafe or outside in their courtyard makes productivity very pleasant. Order as many hot or iced coffees (and bites to eat) as you need to perform at your best pace and while away in the comfort of the cafe - no rush to leave, no corporate pressure, and definitely no dramas.

Surry Hills - Single O

Single O has taken Sydney by storm when they started a revolution: their focus is on bringing single origin coffees (aka coffee brewed from beans that come from the same geographic region) to the masses, which allows any coffee drinker to get a personalised beverage based on their flavour preferences. Their business is entirely sustainable and they were even Australia’s first Fair Trade coffee roasters. Their small Surry Hills brick-and-mortar cafe invites everyone to sip slowly and stay for a bite. Just next door is their takeaway counter, making your perfect sip easy to take on the road.

Surry Hills - Veneziano Coffee Surry Hills

Welcome to the newbies in town! Fresh from Melbourne, Veneziano Coffee Roasters takes their beans and blends seriously. Offering a rotating microlot (aka special quality produced in small quantities) schedule, the Surry Hills outpost is a bullseye for the serious coffee drinker. Their decor can be described as industrial Scandi: minimal, earthy, streamlined. This puts the spotlight entirely on the coffee itself. Add in knowledgable baristas - who are able to educate and train baristas-to-be - and you have true blue coffee mecca.

Inner West

Summer Hill - Goblin Café

Your perfect single origin coffee gets paired with all day breakfast that will have you craving more all week! Goblin promotes freshness in every aspect of the coffee experience, including the best roast of organic Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian beans to having the some of the most savvy baristas in Sydney.

Marrickville - Two Chaps Café

Two Chaps takes sustainability and respect for ingredients to the next level. Their great efforts to create inventive and satiating specialty coffee drinks and Mediterranean food pay off in dividends. The menu uses fresh, organic ingredients and the coffee matches. They have single origin on request, house blend milk coffee, and a dependable filter coffee. Don’t be intimidated by the ‘cool’ factor that permeates the air - Two Chaps opens its arms to anyone who wants to have a memorable (and borderline addictive) dining experience.

South Sydney

Cronulla  - Grind Espresso

Much more than a local favourite, Grind is legendary. A combination of funky decor, prime location across from the beach, and a consistently tasty brew have contributed to Grind’s reputation. While there is likely to be a queue out the door, it’s worth waiting for your Grind pick-me-up.

Sutherland - White Horse Coffee

In this fairytale, your knight is an impeccable cup of coffee riding on White Horse Cafe. This cafe proudly analyzes each roast to ensure its quality and consistency. In fact, they have won many awards for their roasted coffee! Coffee drinkers are welcome to come in and enjoy a taste. But for those who want to wake up to the smell and taste of perfection, they offer a fortnightly delivery of coffee via subscription.

North Shore

Avalon - The Chelsea Tea House

Don’t be deceived by the name. The Chelsea Tea House serves an impressive cup of coffee. Thanks to boutique coffee roaster The Little Marionette, coffee from this local favourite is as homey and comforting as the environment is friendly and welcoming. This cafe has struck the perfect balance of contemporary taste with small town charm.

Mosman - Burnt Orange

Half cafe, half clothing store, total experience. Burnt orange is a charming, family-friendly purveyor of men’s, women’s, and children’s fashions, homewares, and breakfast. A simple menu accompanies luscious coffee options. It's as delicious as it is charming!

Flat white, long black, piccolo… no matter how you order your cuppa, savour it.