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In every sense of the word, San Francisco is ‘cool’. It stands out from other American cities. It might have the fisherman’s touch comparable to Seattle, a foodie scene like New York, picturesque homes like New Orleans… but it’s entirely its own. It has become the leading city for tech and groundbreaking innovation.

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in anything tech, this is your city. San Francisco’s Silicon Valley is the consummate digital hub. It’s the undisputable home of all things tech. And the creativity that constantly bubbles in this section of the Bay Area has overflowed into other parts of San Francisco. Every other industry has been influenced by the advanced technology in Silicon Valley - restaurants, shops, architecture and the arts are all cool by design, incorporating the newest tech. Keeping up can be a full time job - but it’s fun to visit and get a taste for yourself.

Even the hippies of the 60s who moved to the Haight-Ashbury during the Summer Of Love were on the forefront of socio-political issues. And the beatniks of yesteryear keep San Francisco on the edge to this day. Their often controversial works of literature and art represent San Francisco’s willingness to stay open-minded, inclusive and questioning the status quo. Today’s presence of theatre and dance companies and art galleries all around this bay city indicate how much of a day-to-day this mindset is still.

Let us not ignore the cool culinary culture San Francisco has fostered. The classic bowl of clam chowder with sourdough bread is kept in its most traditional form in Fisherman’s Wharf. But in the Mission District, an historically European and Asian neighbourhood, every dish and cocktail has gone through reinvention and reinterpretation. If it’s fresh, if it’s new, if it’s cool, it’s given the chance to work in San Francisco.

And it doesn’t hurt that the city stays in a comfortable climate year round. Not too hot, not too cold, just right in the middle. San Francisco stays cool always in all ways.

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