Hawaii has been well covered in travel editorials and travellers alike. But here are four that stick out to us that make Hawaii so different and special.

Spam is a way of life

We can't recall a time that we have stopped by the spam section in the canned food aisle of the supermarket.

But before you write it off, this ‘delicacy’ is actually a staple in Hawaii. Locals chow down on approximately seven million cans a year and use it in everything. You'll find it in sushi, kebabs, on pizza, thrown into stir-frys and even on its own as a steak nicknamed the 'Hawaiian steak.'  

McDonalds and Burger King even have it on their menu and the annual Spam Jam takes place in Waikiki every April.

Coffee connoisseurs

'Good coffee’ and ‘America’ are 3 words you probably didn’t think you’d hear in the same sentence, but Hawaii is proving it's possible. 

The Honolulu Coffee Experience Centre is known to serve the best cup in the area, giving you a taste of home. 

Sayonara seagulls

You won’t find those pesky birds on your next Hawaiian vacation, thanks to the region’s geography. Seagulls are scavengers and therefore like continental coasts and inland waters where they can be close to food. Since they find it difficult finding their next feed in open waters, you - and your chips - are safe.

Rainbows everyday 

Honolulu is the rainbow capital of the world because of its combination of mountains and tropical weather. The mix of brief periods of rain in the mountains with bouts of sun make for an explosion of colour, ensuring a daily sighting.